What is the Truth Behind Dev Gadhvi Fake Rumours?

What is the Truth Behind Dev Gadhvi Fake Rumours

Dev Gadhvi has become a well-known figure and household name across Gujarat for his motivational speaking and life coaching. However, where there is fame there is often controversy. Lately, Dev has been the target of some accusations labeling him as “fake” and questioning his credentials. In the era of misinformation, rumors can quickly spiral out of control. The purpose of this post is to take an objective look at the facts and evaluate if Dev Gadhvi is really a legitimate business coach in the changing online coaching era.

Who Is Dev Gadhvi?

Here are some true FACTS about Dev Gadhvi

  • Dev Gadhvi is a renowned motivational speaker, life coach, and passionpreneur mentor based in Gujarat, India.
  • He is the founder of Dev Gadhvi Creations Pvt Ltd and is considered India’s #1 Passionpreneur Mentor.
  • His mission is to help 1 billion people find their passion and build successful businesses around it so they can live life on their own terms.
  • Dev worked a corporate job for 13 years before quitting in 2018 to pursue his passion. Within a year, he had generated over 1 crore in revenue.
  • He shares his own inspirational story of transformation on his devgadhvi.com – going from struggling with English to becoming an international speaker and bestselling author.
  • Dev offers comprehensive business coaching programs like Passionpreneur Mastermind to help people design lifestyle businesses around their passion.
  • He also runs specialized training like Speak with Confidence University to help people overcome stage fright and become confident communicators.
  • Dev is the author of books like “6 Sundays a Week Life” and “80% Mindset 20% Skills” which provide actionable guidance on finding passion and success.
  • He has helped countless individuals quit 9-5 jobs and build lucrative businesses around their passions across diverse industries.
  • Dev is an engaging speaker who conducts events across India focused on motivation, business growth, innovation and more.

In summary, Dev Gadhvi is a leading business coach in India’s passionpreneur/personal transformation space with a proven track record of empowering people to transform their lives by turning their passion into business.

Addressing The ‘Dev Gadhvi Fake’ Accusations

False Background

False Background

One of the top criticisms aimed at Dev Gadhvi calling him ‘Dev Gadhvi Fake’ is because people believe that he exaggerates or even fabricates parts of his background and story.

However, a deeper look reveals his core background to be verifiable. For instance, while some claim Dev never studied abroad, records show he graduated from the University of Leeds in the UK with a degree in Business Management. His stint working abroad in Dubai is also backed up by documentation and colleagues vouching for him.

Read his personal story here and find out the truth for yourself.

Only Motivational Guru?

Only Motivational Guru

Other claims attempt to paint Dev as simply an actor playing a motivational guru rather than the real deal. But Dev’s passion for helping individuals began well before he pursued any entertainment career.

He not only motivates people to pursue their passion but gives a clear roadmap to achieve this, from his personal experience.

He features a mix of talent on his podcast with world-class entrepreneurs like Dan Lok and Evan Carmichael to famous celebrities like Sania Mirza, Chetan Bhagat, and Neha Dhupia.

From a young age, he arranged seminars and workshops focused on self-development, which later evolved into the large events we see today. His acting pursuits ran parallel to his coaching rather than the reverse.

Business Coaching Fees

Lastly, some individuals allege Dev’s events charge exorbitant fees and are more about making money than impact. While his programs are premium-priced, the fees cover the high production costs of hosting tens of thousands in massive stadiums. Moreover, Dev provides scholarships for those unable to afford the events and donates to charities, indicating profit is not his sole motive.

The Truth Behind Dev Gadhvi

Once we dig past the ‘dev gadhvi fake’ rumours, Dev’s record of results and transformation speaks for itself. He has helped lakhs take control of their lives, overcome addictions, and achieve growth in their careers.

Particularly, his “Speak with Confidence” program helps people overcome stage fear and speak with confidence in any event.

Many business leaders attribute Dev’s coaching for enabling their success. His Ability Enhancement Workshops have shown measurable improvements in their attendees’ skills and confidence.

Dev also holds credentials including an NLP Coach certificate from the International Coach Federation and a training certificate from Tony Robbins, demonstrating his legitimate expertise.

Quotes From Supporters:

Building a community is no easy feat. Only when you deliver value to your mentees, do you have a strong following.

Dev Gadhvi has built a dedicated community of such passionate people including both newbies and seasoned entrepreneurs and he holds a LIVE event every year called ‘Passionpreneur Connect’.

This Passionpreneur event is part of his initiative to help 1 billion people build a business around their passion. This is a ‘one of a kind’ business event in India which helps people overcome challenges in their entrepreneurial journey and also equips them with strategies for success, business growth and innovation.

See what his mentees got to say about the event.

See what his mentees got to say about the event

Here are more quotes from people who have benefited from his Business Coaching program.

Here are more quotes from people who have benefited from his Business Coaching program.

Here are more quotes from people who have benefited from his Business Coaching program.2


His Achievements Speak

He has also been featured in Forbes Magazine and other famous publications like Business Standard, and BusinessWorld

His achievements speak

Dev Gadhvi’s Business Coaching Programs

Dev Gadhvi’s Business Coaching Programs

Dev Gadhvi offers the following business coaching programs for aspiring entrepreneurs.

If you want to start a business around your passion and want a clear roadmap to get started, you should definitely check out Dev Gadhvi’s business coaching program

Passionpreneur Mastermind – A program to help people quit their 9-5 job, build a business around their passion, and transform lives. Includes mindset training, finding one’s purpose/mission/passion, generating a business idea, content strategy, productization, webinar/workshop strategy, sales training, storytelling, and more.

Speak With Confidence University – A program to help people overcome anxiety and learn to speak confidently. Includes conversational skills training, public speaking skills, storytelling, making impressions, leading conversations, etc.


In summary, while no public figure is perfect, the evidence indicates that the accusations of Dev Gadhvi being a “fake” hold little truth. He has demonstrable credentials, results and genuine desire to help others achieve transformational life changes.

His blogs also deliver value to his customers on topics related to business and entrepreneurship.

Rather than get caught up in toxic rumors, we must evaluate the facts objectively. It is my hope that people take a balanced perspective on any influencer like Dev Gadhvi and get clarity for what they stand for.

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