What Is Temporary Car Insurance?

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Temporary Car Insurance

Temporary car insurance is just what it sounds like: insurance that covers a car for a limited period. Unfortunately, however, short-term insurance is not available in the United States. This can be frustrating for people who need coverage for a short amount of time.

In many countries, temporary car insurance can be taken out for as little as one day, and they can be purchased for as short as one month or up to six months. This type of coverage is beneficial for people who do not own a car, don’t drive frequently, or need rental car coverage.

Temporary car insurance works like other types of auto insurance, with the same coverage options. This coverage includes liability coverage, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage. The amount of coverage you purchase depends on the duration of the policy and your individual needs.

When Would You Need Temporary Auto Insurance?

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Common scenarios where you may need temporary car insurance include:

  • Short-term rentals or leases
  • Borrowing a car from someone
  • Moving to another state and needing immediate coverage
  • Test driving a new car before purchasing it
  • Reinstating a suspended license
  • Letting another driver use your car for a few days
  • Going on an extended road trip
  • Students away at college may only drive occasionally.

What are the Alternatives for US Citizens?

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For United States citizens, there are alternative options for short-term coverage.

  • Renting a car: Many rental car companies offer insurance coverage that you can add to the cost of renting a vehicle. Also, most major credit cards provide coverage when you use them to rent a vehicle.
  • Non-owner insurance: Non-owner car insurance is designed for individuals who don’t own a vehicle, but occasionally drive other people’s cars. This type of coverage is available for periods as short as six months and can be a good option for those who need coverage on an intermittent basis.
  • Rideshare coverage: Many rideshare companies provide additional coverage for their drivers. This is typically a supplemental policy that covers the driver when they are logged in and on the way to pick up a passenger.
  • Infrequent drivers: If you are an infrequent driver and don’t plan on driving often, there are a few car insurance companies that offer pay-per-mile coverage. This type of policy charges customers based on how many miles they drive in a given month.
  • Parents with teenagers: Many insurance companies offer policies for parents with teenage drivers. These policies are typically month-to-month, so there’s no long-term commitment.

Is Temporary Car Insurance Right for Me?

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Overall, temporary car insurance is a great option if you need coverage for a short period. It can save you money on rental cars and provide peace of mind if your license has been suspended until it can be reinstated.

When shopping around, be sure to get quotes from multiple insurers and compare coverage options to get the best possible value for your money.


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