What Can You Do If You’ve Suffered An Injury At Work

Injury At Work

While we like to think of our workplaces as safe and secure places we can get on with our jobs, the number of injuries at work is surprisingly high. In 2021/22, 565,000 workers sustained a non-fatal injury at work, with around 150,000 needing more than 7 days off to recover. 

While the number of fatal workplace injuries in the country has fallen significantly over the past 50 years, there is still a risk, which is why it’s so important that people who sustain an injury at work take action. If you don’t the employer won’t change their ways, and someone else could be injured – with potentially fatal consequences.

Being injured at work can be a very stressful situation but often impossible to avoid – the only thing you do is take precautions to make sure this is as unlikely as possible 

Report The Accident To Your Manager 

Report The Accident To Your Manager 

If you are able, it’s important to immediately report the accident to your manager or HR department. Logging the accident will both serve as a form of evidence gathering and will also give the workplace the opportunity to put right any issues that were present. This can prevent other workers from being harmed by the same lapse in health and safety.

Gather Evidence

Get as much evidence as possible, including any documents, video evidence, photos, therapy receipts, and even receipts for transport to and from doctors’ appointments. If you choose to pursue legal action after an accident at work, evidence is absolutely crucial in supporting your case and ensuring you get a payout that covers the physical, mental, and financial toll that the injury had on your life.

Focus On Your Health

Focus on your health from the first minute – all else can wait. When injured, the absolute priority must be your well-being. So if you are in pain, go to the hospital, visit your GP, get the tests you need, and take time off work if you need to. 

Heading back to work too soon can affect how quickly you recover, so be sure to relax, surround yourself with loved ones, take steps to improve your recovery with stretches and exercises, and you’ll likely see your recovery time sped up.

Return To Work Right

When you go back to work, make sure that your employer accommodates any needs you have following your injury, such as accessibility needs, frequent breaks, or less strenuous duties. Also, check that they have taken action against the source of your injury so the same doesn’t happen again to another unlucky staff member.

Have you been injured at work? Let us know what you think and discuss your experiences in the comments section below.

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