UX/UI Designer: What Is It And What Is Their Difference

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The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “design” is aesthetics and beauty. This is true to a certain extent. But keep in mind that UX/UI Designe  are equally focused on usability and ease. The design and aesthetics of user interfaces in digital products like websites, online shops, and video games are the responsibility of a UX/UI designer. AI advancement has increased the demand for UI/UX design for AI products.

What Is UX/UI, And How Do UX And UI Designers Differ From One Another?

What Is UX UI

UX – User Experience, user experience. UX designers make it convenient for the user to interact with the site or application. That is, they are engaged in its usability (possibility of use). They design architecture and think over the arrangement of elements: menus, buttons, and icons. We feel the work of UX/UI Designe when we search for something on the site, and fill out forms.

UI – User Interface, user interface. UI designers are engaged in the appearance of the resource. They think over colors, fonts, icons, and other style elements. We see their work immediately when we open a website or application.

Why Was It Necessary To Separate

Previously, there were only web designers. These specialists are in demand even now, but their profile is wider. Alongside it, they design the structure of a site or application and perform the functions of a graphic designer or layout designer. But they don’t do user analytics as deeply as UX and UI designers.

The division of web design into UX and UI happened because narrower specialists were needed. First, the work is carried out by a UX designer: he studies the subject area and target audience, creates a prototype, and tests it. The UI designer then designs the user interface. In that order, because you can’t first come up with the design of the buttons, and only then how and in what order the user will click on them. First, the path, then the appearance.

As UX and UI design become more integrated, the line between the two is gradually becoming less distinct. The product should be appealing and user-friendly overall. As a result, one person frequently handles both UX and UI.

Where UX/UI Is Used

The concept and principles of UX/UI Designe are applicable in many areas: whether it is a company office or a front desk. But concepts have firmly entered the digital sphere.UX and UI are used both in small agencies and design studios and in large corporations.

In cases where it is important not only to create a website or application but to make it attractive and convenient for the client. So that a person does not want to look for an alternative from competitors.

Tasks Of UX/UI Designers

There are different tasks that the UX/UI designers have to do in their day-to-day work routine. Let us discuss them here in this section. 

Analyze Users

You need to study potential customers: the product is created for them. Specialists learn from the customer the task and details about users: age, interests, education, and field of activity. Find out what other products they use and why. To do this, communicate not only with customers but also with future customers.

Consider Interface Solutions

The designer decides what to put on the main page, where and how to place the main elements of the site, and what to include in the top/side menu.

Create Prototypes

This is a diagram of a site or application with basic blocks. It shows what content, icons, and buttons will be placed on the screen. The designer creates prototypes in programs such as Figma.

Design The visual part

The designer chooses colors and fonts. they are already defined and spelled out in the brand book. In other cases, he is guided by the choice of a focus group and/or uses his experience and trends.


The made-up site is transferred to the test domain. A focus group is recruited from the target audience to test the product.

The Different Ways Through Which The Ux Designers Can Benefit Your Organization

The UX designers, over time, are gaining indispensability. The entire business world runs digitally.  The UX designers, therefore, play an important role in it. Here we discuss the different ways through which UX/UI Designe can benefit your organization. 

Thinking Through The Systems

The UX designers can think of the bigger picture and then organize the complex process into the simplest solutions. At the same time, thinking about the designs, they first initiate with enterprise-level solutions.  It is common even for that innovative level solutions. 

Once on your team, the designers will spend their time taking the interview of the users and the stakeholders. It helps sketch the development’s probable pathways and new perspectives. 

They Are Quite Artistic 

Some UX designers tend to think artistically. They will try to develop the image that comes into their mind. These people have the quality of visualization, and it helps shape the website design better. 

This is the reason why these professionals come up with very interesting ideas and prototypes of website designs. The visual work takes long practice to make it perfect. Therefore they are a great asset for the companies. 

Gathering Insights

Usually, large companies have a team of professionals who focus entirely on the user experience. But for smaller businesses, hiring such experts is impossible due to financial constraints. The UX/UI Designe in the company can handle it with dexterity and responsibility. 

They collect data from the research with the help of the interviews. This is how they play a pivotal role in understanding what are the things that can help the website increase the user experience.

Improving The Product 

The company stakeholders look for different aspects before considering it fit for the development of the website. There are many factors that play a positive role in the product development. Speed is one of the most important of them. Suppose you focus mainly on speed. Then the UX designers can help you achieve your aim. 


UX/UI designers are two completely different specialties, but they do the same thing – make the interface more convenient, beautiful, and practical. This is one of the most sought-after and relevant professions. If you want to learn a new profession, you should pay attention to them.

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