7 Key Tips For USCIS Translation Submissions


The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) often requires that non-English documents be submitted with their respective English translations. Given the immense importance of these documents in the immigration process, ensuring their accurate translation and correct presentation is paramount.

Here Are Seven Prime Ideas For USCIS Translation Submissions

Ideas For USCIS Translation Submissions

Below are some key tips to bear in mind when making your USCIS translation submissions.

1. Accuracy is Crucial

USCIS requires that all translations be accurate and complete. This means not just translating the content but ensuring that all stamps, signatures, seals, and other often-overlooked details are faithfully translated. An inaccurate or incomplete translation can lead to delays, requests for evidence, or even denials.

2. Always Include a Certificate of Translation

USCIS requires that each translated document be accompanied by a Certificate of Translation. The person translating the document – whether it’s the applicant, a friend, or a professional translator – should sign this certificate, attesting to the accuracy and completeness of the translation. The certificate essentially vouches for the fidelity of the translation, making it a vital inclusion in your submission.

3. Hire Professional Translators

While USCIS doesn’t necessitate the use of professional translators, it is highly recommended. A professional, especially one who is familiar with USCIS requirements, will be able to ensure the translated document meets all the criteria. Furthermore, using USCIS Certified Translation Services can offer an added layer of confidence in the quality and accuracy of the translated documents.

4. Consistency in Terminology

When translating multiple documents, it’s essential to maintain consistent terminology throughout. Different translations of the same term in different documents can raise red flags or lead to confusion. If you’re translating a series of documents, ensure the same terms are used consistently across all of them.

5. Double-Check Names and Important Dates

Names, dates of birth, marriage dates, and other significant life events must be translated accurately and consistently across all documents. A minor discrepancy, such as a date error or a misspelt name, can lead to complications or delays in the processing of an application.

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6. Maintain the Original Format

While the content’s translation is vital, maintaining the original document’s format is equally crucial. If the original has tables, columns, or specific alignments, the English translation should mirror that as closely as possible. This helps USCIS officers compare the original document with its translation more efficiently.

7. Stay Updated with USCIS Guidelines

USCIS can periodically update its guidelines and requirements for document submissions. It’s essential to regularly check the official USCIS website or consult with an immigration attorney to ensure you’re aware of any changes. Adhering to the latest requirements can save you from unnecessary delays or resubmissions.


Submitting documents to USCIS can be a meticulous process, with no room for error. Your goal is to ensure that the reviewing officer has a smooth experience and finds all the required information accurately translated and easy to verify. By following the above tips and considering the services of professional translators familiar with USCIS criteria, you’ll be well on your way to a successful submission. Remember, the quality and accuracy of your translation can significantly influence your application’s outcome.

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