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Teamsters Union Reports That UPS Fired 35 Workers From The United States

News BY Soumava Dec 12, 2023
UPS fires about 35 newly organized US workers, Teamsters union says

On Thursday, the United Parcel Service (UPS) recently fired thirty-five newly organized workers from the United States. The Teamsters union which represents US workers at UPS, agreed to respond to the firing of the workers. They complained about the unfair firing of the workers and filed unfair labor practice charges against UPS.

The union also went on a strike against the delivery company. The union reported that those specialist and administrative workers organized with Teamsters Local 89 this autumn after they were affected by the company.

As a result, the company laid off roughly three dozen employees at its Louisville Centennial Hub. The company wanted to match its business needs by laying off some of its staff. The company reported –

UPS respects our employees’ rights to organize, and we have not committed any unfair labor practices.


Sean O’Brien, the General President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, spoke up against the company’s claims. He said that the delivery service company laid off their workers despite an independent arbitrator advising them not to do so. O’Brien also added that the company also falsely claimed that the management should perform the work of the laid-off workers.

The union threatened to go on a strike

if UPS doesn’t get its act together.


O’Brien is the representative of 340K UPS workers who went on a contract deal with the union during the early months of 2023.

UPS added –

We are committed to working with the Teamsters to resolve this separate matter with a small number of employees at Centennial.”


On the other hand, UPS also claimed that it ratified its contract, which promises to keep intact the workers represented by Teamsters.

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