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Is TRX A Better Investment Than BTC Or ETH?

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More than a decade since its debut, Bitcoin is still the king of cryptocurrencies followed closely by Ethereum. With a combined market cap of about $600B, the two oldest crypto projects continue to lead despite efforts of modern, revolutionary altcoins like TRON to topple them from their perch.

In this post, you will find out more about TRON, why it was once perceived as a threat to Bitcoin and Ethereum, and its pros and cons. In the end, you will be able to decide whether to continue to trade BTC to ETH or consider TRX as a better investment.

But first, what is TRON?

What Is TRON?

Created by Justin Sun, TRON (TRX) is an altcoin that made its debut in the crypto world in 2017 with a promise of offering a better platform for decentralized apps, smart contracts via the proof of stake protocol, and platform-specific tokens.

TRON’s first platform was first built on top of Ethereum, and after a successful ICO, it migrated its core services from the Ethereum platform to one of its own. TRON’s core product was offering content creators incentives for creating decentralized content and posting it on their platform.

TRON also offers users the ability to create dApps on top of the platform generating tokens whose value is underpinned by the TRX tokens.

Advantages Of TRON Over Ethereum And Bitcoin


Here are TRON’s main strong points that differentiate it from other cryptos:

  • Higher Transaction Speed: TRON is capable of processing 25,000 transactions per second compared to ETH’s paltry 25 TPS or BTC’s 6 transactions per second. This is made possible by TRON’s delegated proof of stake protocol.
  • More Scalable Network: Thanks to its improved protocol and large throughput, TRON offers more vertical scalability compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin.
  • More Advanced Than Ethereum: The TRON network is essentially an improved version of Ethereum with more advanced features to address the gaps that exist on the Ethereum platform.
  • Empowering Creators: The decentralized content creation model where creators can monetize their content and get 100% returns from users consuming their content empowers creators. Such a model is missing from both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Now that we’ve considered the pros of TRON, what advantages does Ethereum offer compared to TRON?

Pros of Ethereum

  • More Decentralized: The TRON project is run by the TRON Foundation, which means it lacks complete autonomy, which is enjoyed by Ethereum users.
  • More Popular: Ethereum is more popular and widespread as compared to TRON. TRON is majorly used by content creators, while Ethereum runs the majority of the apps that we have in existence in the crypto market.
  • More Use Cases: Developers have more freedom on the Ethereum platform and have more opportunities of creating successful projects.
  • ERC-20 Token Standards: Ethereum has a set of laid-out standards for creating tokens on the platform. These standards not only protect the integrity of the platform but help protect end users from potential scams.

Both Ethereum and TRON are very similar in terms of their core model of business, which is different from Bitcoin. So what sets BTC apart from the two? Here are the pros of Bitcoin:

Pros of Bitcoin

  • Most Popular Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin commands almost 40% of the crypto market, which gives it an edge as the most popular cryptocurrency.
  • More accepted globally: BTC is accepted globally as a payment option. This is not the case with TRX, which is mainly used by content creators.
  • Store of value: Thanks to its high value, people store their wealth in BTC. It is the digital gold that people use as a store of value. This explains why people convert TRX to BTC or other altcoins to BTX when they intend to hold their assets for the long term.
  • Limited supply: There will always be a finite number of BTC in supply, which means that its value will only increase with increased demand.

TRON Price Forecast

While TRON currently suffers from the effects of the crypto market crash, which saw it go on a bearish run to its current price of $0.06, experts expect TRON to rise by 18% to $0.078 by the end of the year. The price is further projected to break $0.1 by the end of 2023 and hit $0.6 by 2027.

Is It Time To Invest In TRON?

Based on the price prediction and TRON’s use cases, TRON is an ideal investment plan for long-term investors. Not only is its unit price very low, but it also promises high returns in the long run for patient investors.

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