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Property managers are extremely judgmental. Since they have a lot of responsibilities, they have to be extremely organized. Building operations, tracking down tenants, and collecting rent, etc. are activities that demand a lot of time and patience. Fortunately, with the advent of technology, it’s now easier than ever to keep important data safe and up to the date. Going paperless is not just a mere trend, but a necessity. For someone constantly on the go, apps are a more productive solution to multi-tasking. Here are 5 of the best for property managers.

Property Buddy

Managing properties has never been easier. With Property Buddy you can issue expense reports, get tenant and property details on rent, payments that are due, contact details, and more. Reports are very easy to generate and use thanks to a very flexible dashboard. All these features combined make Property Buddy a must-have app for property managers that want to save time and have all the data in check when handing their properties.


Appfolio is one of today’s coolest and most innovative tools for managing properties. If the goal is to streamline your workflow, then this app might be just want you need to reorganize your workflow. Among some of Appfolio’s best features, we should mention online lease agreements, property ads, online tenant screening, and mass communication. It is easy to use the app while on the go because it packs several smart management tools, including email customization for both owners and tenants, intuitive search and text messaging within the app.

Appfolio can be used for posting vacancy ads, as well as for marketing available units on other websites, such as,, Trulia, Zillow, and more. Property managers can save a lot of time and energy because it doesn’t use any paper applications. All processes are carried out via an online form, and then fees are paid through a credit card. New features are added regularly to keep the app updated, and lease agreements are e-signed by the applicant.

DIY Landlord

Apple’s DIY Landlord is an exceptional app property managers can use on their iPads and iPhones. It is great at keeping track of rental properties straight from a smart device. Users can use DIY Landlord to track leases, rentals (by unit), as well as tenant information. Combined, these features help save time because the need to use multiple spreadsheets is eliminated. Everything you need to know about a tenant can be done via a smartphone. However, there’s more. The app helps users track both tenants and properties; it can also be used to enter expenses, craft financial reports, and enter rent payments. All reports can be exported as PDFs, and then sent straight to landlords and tenants. DIY Landlord uses a very simple dashboard for assessing monthly performance and helping managers keep tracks of their rental payments.

Rent Tracker

Rent Tracker is a very useful property management app that’s helps keep renter’s information organized and up to date. It can be utilized to assess leases: check who hasn’t paid their rent yet, who’s late, or who’s lease is about to expire. Rent Tracker available on both iOS and Android, and it is excellent at crafting financial reports, too. You can also print annual taxable finances or enter payments from inside the app.


For now, Landlordy is only available on iOS. It can be easily integrated with your phone or smart device’s camera, messaging and email features. Landlordy is a management app that property owners will fall in love with. It’s agile and extremely well organized. Aimed at private landlords, residential property managers, and buy-to-let investors, the app helps keep your portfolio up to date. Managing information and keeping track of expenses has never been easier. The basic version is free of charge, but there’s also a Personal Edition version with a one-time in-app purchase.

As a property manager, it’s only natural to want to keep an eye on what’s going on with your properties. Whether you’re renting villas in Antalya or your goal is to target the US market, there’s no doubt that property management apps can help. Use them wisely and streamline the process of renting a place!

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