The Future Of SEO: 11 Changes To Expect

Marketing BY Sumona Aug 08, 2022
Future of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing content to rank higher on search results and attract organic traffic to your business website.

A strong SEO returns user queries with the exact answers they need giving them valuable information.

Search engines evaluate websites on parameters referred to as ‘ranking factors’ to display results on a SERP (search engine results page).

Users are likely to prefer top results on a SERP, and therefore the quest for the highest rank becomes competitive.

Changes to Expect in SEO

SEO techniques keep evolving and search engine algorithms have become smart in recognizing relevant and quality content to display. Let’s see what the future of SEO looks like:

  • Keyword Optimization and Semantic Research
  • AI Generated Content
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Zero-Click Search
  • Voice Search Optimization
  • Visual Search Optimization
  • Website SEO Audits
  • Mobile Device Optimization
  • Strong Backlinks
  • Evergreen Content Creation
  • Revise Existing Content

1. Keyword Optimization and Semantic Research

Keyword Optimization

Keywords are words or phrases that users enter in the search bar to generate results. The SEO strategy revolves around keyword research. The search engine crawler looks for specific keywords to display relevant results through web pages.

However, in recent times semantic research is getting more focus. The semantic research considers user intent, topic context, and relationships between words to display results. The catch is to optimize content around topics rather than individual keywords.

If you want your website to perform better, include latent semantic keywords (LSI) in your content to improve SERP ranking.  

2. AI Generated Content

AI Generated Content

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an important in digital marketing and SEO technology. SEO professionals use AI tools for effective content strategy, reliable competitor analysis, and efficient content creation.

AI content generators produce high-quality, relevant, and unique content per user-fed keywords and titles. Content managers personalize search results and boost user engagement through AI.

Create original and well-written web content using AI tools like the ones available at The Marketing Vibe to improve search results and attract organic traffic.

3. Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals

A major search engine recently launched Core Web Vitals, a set of metrics to analyze website performance.

Analyzing a website based on three main factors: speed, responsiveness, and visual stability, helps developers build user-friendly websites.

The primary purpose is to measure the overall quality of your webpage and user experience. It’s an important ranking factor that affects SERP ranking. It is recommended to optimize your website for Core Web Vitals to enrich the user experience.      

Zero-Click Search

Zero-click searches are the results displayed right in the SERP and do not require visiting a website. They are on the rise as search engines want to improve user experience by reducing the number of clicks.

Adapt your SEO strategy for zero-click searches to remain competitive and relevant. Optimize your website for mobile friendliness, scheme markup, images, and local SEO for better results.

5. Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization

Users now perform search queries through voice commands in search engines. It is a popular feature with the prevailing use of voice assistants.

Voice searches are mostly performed through mobile phones; therefore, optimize your website for audio input from smartphones and similar devices.

Optimize local SEO for location-based and near-me queries if you have stores on-ground and want to improve their foot traffic. Additionally, optimize long-tail keywords in the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section that answers common user questions. 

6. Visual Search Optimization

Visual Search Optimization

Visual search uses image input to display results. It’s getting wide popularity among users as they perform a search without text-based input. Visual search is different from image search. In image search, the search engine returns images against the query.

However, in a visual search, the user uploads or captures an image and performs a search against it. The results are either an exact match or similar images of the particular object. Optimize your image titles, descriptions, captions, and ALT texts with relevant keywords to remain competitive.

7. Website SEO Audits

 Website SEO Audits

Website audits have become critical with the ever-evolving technology and changes in ranking factors. It is recommended to perform a quarterly SEO audit to analyze the strength of your web presence.

SEO audit helps determine improvement areas to focus on for a better ranking position. Moreover, with the periodic SEO audit, identify and evaluate your web performance against the latest ranking parameters like Core Web Vitals.  

8. Mobile Device Optimization

Mobile Device Optimization

Major search engines’ algorithms are likely to give a higher rank to mobile-friendly websites. According to recent research, there are over six billion smartphone users globally. The number is evident enough for businesses to optimize their websites to provide an easy mobile phone navigation experience.

Design interactive websites that adapt and reformat content for mobile devices. Poor optimization will increase bounce rate and affect your ranking. Websites that aren’t mobile-ready lose ranking points and result in an unsatisfactory user experience.

Strong Backlinks

Backlinks are links from one website to another. They are essential ranking factors as they determine your website’s worth from an external web source.

The quality of your backlinks helps you rank higher. Backlinks play an important role in SEO strategy and will likely remain a crucial ranking parameter.

Acquire backlinks only from reliable, trustworthy, and relevant sources and do not use prohibited methods for ranking. Search engine algorithms are intelligent at recognizing forbidden practices and penalizing websites that use them.   

10. Evergreen Content Creation

Evergreen Content Creation

Great content will remain the defining factor of your SEO. Create content that helps users find high-quality and reliable information.

Your purpose should be to answer user queries, increase awareness, and inform. User guides, infographics, and relevant blogs are all forms of evergreen content to educate users.

Websites that provide quality content and answer questions gain more traffic and repeat users. Fulfill audience needs with valuable content and build a brand image based on trust and credibility.

11. Revise Existing Content

Evergreen Content Creation

Your website content should be accurate and provide up-to-date information. Obsolete content will hurt your website’s credibility and user trust. Refresh your existing content and replace outdated material at regular intervals.

Provide your audience with the latest, correct, and useful information for their search queries. Your content quality will establish user reliability and integrity for your businesses. Revisiting content will increase website traffic and improve search results.

Final Thoughts

Businesses use search engine optimization to improve SERP ranking and gain organic traffic. The advent of technological innovations and artificial intelligence is likely to change how SEO works.

Websites should optimize for several factors to remain competitive against other market players.

Optimization for zero-click searches, semantic keywords, visual and voice search, and mobile friendliness is in high demand. In addition, regular SEO audits, credible content, and reliable backlinks are important SEO aspects to consider.


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