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Talbon Construction is a Canadian construction company that was established in 1965. Since its inception, it has carried out various construction projects, varying in size and complexity.

Learn more about the company, its services offered, and its active projects by reading this post till the end.

What Is Talbon Construction?

Over the years, it has gained quite a reputation for the quality of construction projects it has provided its clients. Most of its clients are from Central and Eastern Canada, where it has a strong market foothold. The Talbon revenue is around $5 million every year.

In their words, their primary mission and motto are – “constancy and reliability are our core concerns.”

What Is Talbon Construction

The realization of this mission is made true by hiring hard-working employees who have the right skills for the job. This includes hiring talented people for various posts like crew members, site managers and supervisors, project managers, and superintendents. This is what is the Talbon.

Talbon GMI Division

The Talbon GMI Division was formed in 2008 as per the recommendations of the Mine Industry Management. This division was formed for one purpose – to develop construction projects that do not harm nature.

Harem Talboncarries out underground mining all over Canada. In addition, they also help the core teams in building proper infrastructures for architectural projects. It also includes supplying and installing various construction equipment, structural steel, high-grade concrete, and more.

What Services Are Offered By Talbon Construction?

The primary specialization of Talbon Construction appears in the form of civil architectural constructions. The firm also helps supply and install various commercial, industrial, and institutional fields.

The primary Talbon servicesare:

  • Providing consultancy services before starting construction projects
  • Meeting clients and scheduling projects, and finalizing deadlines
  • Design the concept of architectural projects with a team of engineers
  • Figure out the costs of construction
  • Supervise construction projects from start to finish
  • Manage every aspect of construction projects
  • Manage the quality of services offered
  • Survey various sites before construction begins
  • Supervise construction projects as soon as work goes underway
  • Administer contracts to other businesses for support
  • Draw a feasibility report to determine the value of construction projects
  • Install all the necessary equipment on construction sites
  • Keep a maintenance team on-site at all times to supervise all work

Let us have a look at a few of the primary services offered by Talbon Constructionin detail:

1. Construction Project  Planning

One of the primary services offered by this organization is to plan construction projects before work starts. Therefore, when a client comes to this company with a construction project in mind, Talbonplans the project first.

Here, the company plans all the project requirements per the final work envisioned by the client. This includes surveying the construction sites for their feasibility and then calculating the project’s overall cost. This includes labor costs and construction material and equipment costs as well.

Construction Project  Planning

Finally, the company sets the construction period and then fixes a deadline for the completion of the project.

2. Construction Project Supervision

After construction planning is over and the dates draw near, the company starts its construction work. Here, every aspect of the construction project is overseen by on-site supervisors. This includes managing the labor workforce, material and equipment requirements, and lots more.

Construction Project Supervision

This service is necessary because it will ensure that construction projects go smoothly as planned. Otherwise, there will be lots of cases of mismanagement that will lead to the deadline being pushed back more. This can also potentially increase the costs of the project.

3. Equipment Installation

When construction gets underway, a lot of materials, tools, and equipment are required on-site to allow work on the project. Some of this equipment is pretty complex and needs to be installed and used by certified professionals.

Equipment Installation

This is where Talboncomes into the fray. The form will help you in installing this equipment and machines. In addition, they might also help you gather raw materials per the project contract.

What Talbon Projects Are Underway?

Several major Talbon Construction projectsare underway. They are:

  • Goldcorp – Eleonore
  • Osisko
  • Chevelament, IAMGOLD – Division, Westwood
  • Broyeur, Agnico-Eagle, Division La Ronde
  • Chevalement, Agnico-Eagle – Division Goldex

Why Work At Construction Talbon?

There are various reasons why you should consider working at Talbon Construction. These reasons are:

Why Work At Construction Talbon

1. Flexible Schedules

This company’s working hours and leave schedules are pretty flexible. This is because construction work sometimes occurs during the day and sometimes at night. Therefore, your shift will vary greatly depending on how the project is planned.

2. Dynamic Teams

All the teams are responsible for each business cooperation comprising various varied personnel. The teams are highly dynamic and able to adapt to all project requirements as per required. Therefore, new employees will learn a lot working here. 

3. Competitive Salary

The employees’ salary is set at competitive levels, similar to what other construction firms in Canada are offering. You might be offered more wages and salaries depending on your skill and performance.

Talbon Review

Here’s what an employee had to say after Talbon worked on a project, which will confirm the firm’s legitimacy:

“I was in charge of the residential construction crews, estimating, paperwork, and making sure the job was done, Talbot did not pay my vendors or the crews I hired and worked with to complete many successful projects.”

After reading various other employee reviews, here are the Pros and Cons of working at Talbot:

  • Freedom to provide ideas and solutions
  • No career support

  • Strict work environment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

People ask various questions related to Talbon Constructions. The answers to some of these questions are

Q1. Where Is The Construction Talbon Headquarters?

If you want to visit the head offices of Construction Talbon, then visit this address – 203, Boulevard Industriel, Rouyn-Noranda (Québec) J9X 6P2.

Q2. How Do I Contact Talbon Construction?

You can contact Talbon by giving them a call on their telephone number. Their telephone number is 819 797-0122. You can also fax them at 819 797-1914. In addition, you can email them at the address info@talbon.ca.

Q3. Has Talbon Created Any County Public Schools?

No, Talbon county public schools do not exist. This company primarily works on commercial and residential construction projects.

Get Your Construction Project Started Immediately!

Talbon Construction is a pretty famous company in Canada. Dealing with the construction of residential and commercial projects, they have become pretty popular in the last few years. This can primarily be attributed to their efficient project management and a team of highly skilled employees.

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