Why And How You Should Switch Careers At 50

Switch Careers

People attain financial security and professional accomplishments at the age of 50. But this time also marks the need for routine health checkups to age gracefully and prepare for the golden years.

Some people contemplate early retirement, but not everyone. Others believe that now is the best time to switch careers.  And this is when career transition specialists can help. 

Career transition assistance providers support people who want to return to work or shift into a new career, even at 50 or over. These professionals identify people’s transferrable skills and create a comprehensive resume to ensure a smooth transition.

Moreover, career transition assistance providers offer personalized support to help people target job searches and tailor applications.

Why Should You Switch Careers At 50

Switch Careers At 50

Many people in their 50s want to shift careers because of many good reasons, such as the following:

1. Attain Career Fulfillment

Many people aged 50 years or older have gathered extensive work experience. A career change enables them to choose a position, such as a consultancy, or a job where they can use their work knowledge and skills to enjoy higher job satisfaction while delivering the best results for the organization to which they belong.

2. Prepare For Retirement

Retirement entails long hours spent at home and permanent absence from office work. Shifting careers at age 50 is a great way to prepare for retirement smoothly. Hence, many choose new jobs with more flexible work hours and less stressful workloads and environments. That way, once they reach 60, they can enjoy their retirement years without experiencing anxiety and depression due to sudden off-work schedules. 

3. Welcome New Learning Opportunities

A new career is an excellent opportunity for older people to learn new things. For example, you can learn how to operate advanced equipment or software systems. Shifting careers also means working with young professionals and sharing your expert insights with them. It’s also a way to meet new people, explore new workplaces, and build new friendships.

4. Pursue One’s Passion

Many older people want to change careers to pursue their lifelong dreams. At this point in their lives, they want to experience what it’s like to pursue their passion, such as writing, photography, teaching, etc.

People over the age of 50 worry less about money because they already have savings and investments for their retirement. They simply want to enjoy the remaining years and experience life to the fullest. For instance, if they always dreamt of becoming a lawyer, taking an LSAT prep course and preparing for law school is a wonderful way to make the most of your time and savings.

How Should You Switch Careers At 50

Many people think it’s impossible to find or shift to a new career at age 50. On the contrary, there are many ways to do it without going through the same struggles that a recent college graduate does when looking for a new job. 

But before you switch careers, consider important things first. How’s your health status? Do you think you can still work full-time? You might prefer more flexible hours than working 40 hours a week because of worsening health problems.

As much as you want to become still productive as you used to be, you might have some medical issues that need special attention. Your doctor might recommend more rest days than usual. So, it’s best to shift to a less stressful career. 

Other important considerations aside from your health status include the location of the job and the duties and responsibilities that the position demands. New, emerging jobs can be demanding, such as digital marketing. So, exploring new-generation jobs or businesses must be studied carefully. 

Below are some tips for switching careers at age 50: 

1. Become A Consultant 

People over the age of 50 have decades of experience in their niche or industry, such as business management, finance, healthcare, human resources, law, etc. So, it means they’re highly credible to become consultants.

If you belong to this age group, reviewing your work experience and finding your specialization is advisable. This step is crucial when switching careers, especially for a consultancy job. 

You can offer consultancy services to local companies or small businesses in your area. Collaborate with business owners to submit a proposal explaining how you can help them grow their businesses. 

2. Search Jobs Online

More flexible jobs are now easier to find online. You don’t have to submit a resume from one company to another like you used to. Simply update your curriculum vitae or resume in digital format and submit it to your prospective employers. 

This tip is very applicable if you want to land a different job or find a related job from a new company. New companies usually prefer experienced employees to benefit from their years of experience and expertise. 

3. Start A Business 

Shift your career from an employee to an employer by starting your own business. You can invest your personal savings or home equity to venture into a startup business wherein you can use your knowledge and skills. 

For instance, you can open a restaurant business if you have been in the catering or food chain management industry for many years. If you’ve been a financial advisor or accounting manager for many years, you might want to put up an accounting firm of your own. 

4. Hire A Career Transition Assistance Provider

As mentioned, career transition assistance providers can help with career change. They provide career transition assistance (CTA) courses, linkages to local employers, and ongoing career support. If you want to enroll in a CTA program, inform your employment services provider to arrange a referral for you.

5. Ask For Referrals

You can ask friends, relatives, or acquaintances for job recommendations or referrals. They might refer you to their employer, especially if they know your experience and talents. If you’ve been a genuine member of any organization in your area or professional field, you can also request their assistance to find a prospective employer for you.  


Many people find that switching careers at the age of 50 is a worthwhile experience because of the new learning and experience it brings. It’s also an excellent way to pursue your dream career and attain self-actualization.

So, don’t hesitate to pursue your passion while still being productive. A career transitional assistance provider can help make this goal happen, allowing you to enjoy your career and life to the fullest.

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