Strong Cyber Security Resilience To Ensure A Green Future

Cyber Security Resilience

In essence, cybersecurity and sustainability are seldom mentioned in the same sentence. And there’s a colossal reason behind it. On the one hand, sustainability is predominantly tangible: on a given time, you’ll see electric cars zooming down the streets, rain gardens collecting as well as conserving water, and so on. But on the other hand, cybersecurity is intangible and abstract.

In simple words, almost all cybersecurity solutions fall into the backdrop of our daily life. For example, we browse the web, turn the lights on, and use smart thermostats or any other devices from this list of eco-friendly gadgets without having any idea about the vast technology working behind them.

And yet, the non-physical infrastructure needed to enable and improve our sustainable future requires a better cybersecurity model than ever. After all, when you are introducing something new, such as software or technology, you must find a way to protect it. And, without having a proper cybersecurity infrastructure, the dream of sustainability will be nearly impossible.

Enter… Renewable Energy

 cybersecurity solutions

Enter… Renewable Energy

A rapid growth in social, environmental, and governance-driven investment has been initiated since the beginning of this century. And it has helped us quite eminently in the sustainability department too. As a result, the renewable energy sector has seen consistent development or growth in recent years. According to Wired, it accounts for 90% of the new power capacity now.

But, technically speaking, the supposedly-clean energy sources rely upon disruptive tech, which looks good on paper, if we’re being honest.

Nevertheless, it has also added an enormous cybersecurity complexity to solar and wind assets. In some cases, it’s affecting the entire grid as well.

Until now, a conventional grid used to operate by using a centralized power generation module with information and power flowing in one direction. However, as it integrates and adopts more renewable energy sources, it requires a new two-way information flow. While it makes the grid much more capable than usual, such a complex transformation can increase cybersecurity risk.

According to EY GISS (Global Information Security Survey), almost 53% or more Utility and Power cybersecurity leaders have become more concerned about their capability to counter threats than they were ever before.

So, how do you improve your cybersecurity resilience to avert cyber threats?

Perceive The Common Threat Landscape

Common Threat

The first step to improving your cyber resilience is all about reviewing the threat landscape of an organization. If you don’t know what you are up against, you won’t be able to implement a good and proper risk management theory to protect yourself.

In order to improve your cyber resilience, it’s important to –

  • Expect a cyberattack and prepare for it with both offensive and defensive measures.
  • Understand why your organization can be considered a valuable target for a hacker.
  • Perform a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to see where you still lack.

Once you know more about your infrastructure and system, it will be easier for you to implement a counter-measurement to take care of it all.

Improving Your Cyber Security Resilience

Improving Your Cyber Security Resilience

Once you know your core vulnerability point, you can begin preparing to protect it from prying eyes on the internet. Here are a few ways that you can do it –

  • Try to improve or reinforce your cyber system as much as you can. For example, opting for something like real-time threat hunting can help you find out an issue automatically. It can also improve your chance of eliminating malware before it enters your system.
  • Create a culture of cybersecurity by informing your audience about the core cyber threats and how they can affect your business. The more they know, the better they manage the red flags in your system.

The Bottom Line

A digitally-driven change will always need a well and thorough cybersecurity resilience to reach or ensure a green energy world. So, it’s best to start working on it as soon as you can. The more you wait, the stronger your enemy will become.

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