Which Statement Accurately Describes One Reason A Delegation Of Authority May Be Needed?

which statement accurately describes one reason a delegation of authority may be needed?

Question) Which Statement Accurately Describes One Reason A Delegation Of Authority May Be Needed? 

statement describes delegation of authority

Answer: When the incident scope is complex or beyond existing authorities

Among these four options, only the first option is the correct answer for which statement accurately describes one reason a delegation of authority may be needed?

Now you know while the incident scope is complicated or beyond the reach of the existing authorities, the first option is the correct answer for which one statement accurately describes one reason a delegation of authority may be needed. But to understand the proper explanations for the question, you have to start with the definitions of the delegation of authority. And for which purposes the delegation of authority is calculated.

Let’s see first what the delegation of authority is.

What Is Delegation Of Authority?

Delegation Of Authority

The delegation of the authority is a division of labor and decision-making responsibility of the employees who are directly in touch with the leaders and managers. The individual employee’s primary responsibility is to report to the managers and update the work progress. But the power and the scope of the work entirely depend on that specific organization’s processes.

The managers are dividing the work among the other employees. The managers’ target is to divide their employees’ work to complete it within the desired time frame. This is the reason the delegations of authority are used in the organization. The power flow of subordinates depends upon the organization’s norms and the organizational employee structures.

4 Important Factors Of The Delegation Of Authority

A delegation of authority mainly focuses on the productivity and the performance of the employees. Therefore, the managers divide the work among the subdivision managers and subordinate supervisors to complete the task within the targeted hours.

Here are the three primary importance of the delegation of authority. Read through the four factors and know why these authority distributions will help you during the challenging time.

1. Encourage The Employees Creative Mind And Innovation

Encourage The Employees

The complex scope is the answer for which reason a delegation of authority may be needed in an organization. Every organization needs a fresh pair of eyes for researching the factors in different ways. And the delegations are the only thing that encourages every individual to examine the elements in a divergent way.

When your organization’s managers start to distribute the work among the other employees and give them the responsibility, they begin to use their minds to complete the task. And with these factors, your organization will know more things.

The delegation of authority is always embracing creative and work innovations. As a result, these factors are always proved to be more effective during difficult times.

2. Strengthen The Organization

Improve Individual’s Skill Set

The organization is strengthened when the employees start to encounter different skill sets. And a delegation of authority encourages the individual leaders and the managers to step in and improve the individual’s skill set.

When the new people are starting to get the responsibility to complete the tasks, they are starting to implement their plans in their projects. Therefore, the delegation encourages shared responsibility among the employees.

And your organization’s employees are starting to make a solid bond with your organization which is better for your company’s future. As a result, the employees develop a more substantial commitment to the organization.

3. Empower The Team

Team Empowerment

When a manager or team leader is responsible for a specific task, the team observes their work protocol. This is more like a learning lesson. When a fresh face and fresh brain are involved in the group, they have more different ideas. When they are going to see your work, they can compare it with their work ideas.

It is self-evident; for a single leader or manager, whole work completions are challenging. So they have to take help from others. And during this time the interested employees are starting to learn the work procedure.

Routine tasks are always the same for everyone. But with the delegation of the power, you are letting the other employees learn your techniques. The proper system encourages them to be involved in the extra task apart from their routine work.

4. Helping To Get Out From The Challenging Time

Potential For Challenging Time

When your organization is starting to grow, your company incident scopes are increasing. And as the areas are getting longer, the situations are becoming more complex.

This is why sometimes you will not complete the task within the desired time with the old existing methods. The range of incidents is increasing. When you distribute your whole works among the subordinates, you will get your job done within the desired time.

The best advantage of workplace delegation is you are getting the scope to prove your potential and leadership skills. And during the challenging time, your organizations are getting multiple numbers of employees with different types of skill sets.


When incident scope is complex and beyond existing authorities is the correct answer for which statement accurately describes one reason a delegation of authority may be needed?. Without the delegation of authority, organizational improvements are entirely impossible.

As we told you before, the managers and team leaders are insufficient to complete the task. And when you are starting to give the different responsibilities to your other team members, you will get the ideas and know the suitable potentials of your team. So what is your opinion? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment sections.

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