A Guide To A Smooth Home Move

Smooth Home Move

Moving house can be a very stressful experience and many people dread relocating, especially with a large family home. The secret to a smooth move is, of course, preparation and planning, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to ensure that your relocation project goes without a hitch.

Use A Professional Removalist –

If you entrust your move to a leading Australian company such as Ashfield Removals, they handle every aspect of the project, including packing. An established removal company would never offer a quote over the phone, instead, they need to gather a lot of information before they can quote a price. The company would send a representative to your home and when they collect the required information, an all-inclusive written quote can be given.

Create An Inventory

It is extremely rare to include every item in the move; while the majority of items would be going to the new dwelling, there will be some items that are either sold or donated to a charity. The removalist would require a detailed inventory in order to be able to quote for the project. Specific items might have coded stickers that the removalist uses to prioritize loading and unloading. Click here to find out how to be a freelance accountant.

Leaving The Old Property

Leaving The Old Property

Of course, your old home needs to be thoroughly cleaned once you have vacated, while the utilities need to be disconnected and the bills settled. The new owner/tenant will be happy to arrive in a clean house, as you were when you arrived.

Preparing The New Dwelling

Prior to the removal truck arriving, a team of cleaners should have been through the house from top to bottom, while the power, water, gas and telephone should all be connected and ready for use.


Professional removalists use special labels that can be inscribed with a marker pen, which enables you to know the contents of every box. Generally speaking, you only need to write which room the box needs to be located in.

Choosing A Removalist

We recommend selecting a removalist that is established and has the resources to ensure the move is completed without interruption. Do make sure that the contractor is fully insured and read the online reviews to get a good idea of the service you can expect. Many removal contractors use sea containers, which are dropped at the customer’s home a few days prior to the move, and can be loaded at your leisure. Using sea containers is a great way to move, as the unit can be lifted onto the truck and away you go!

Don’t Forget To Confirm Your Dates With The Removalist

When you make an initial inquiry and a provisional booking, you do need to confirm the dates a week or so before. Failure to do that might result in the removalist not showing up.

So, there you have it, our guide to a smooth house relocation, which should be a stress-free experience.

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