Simple Tips for the SEO Practitioner to Boost Customer Acquisition


Almost everybody dabbling in SEO has his own interpretation of what SEO is and what are the most critical SEO practices. In reality, on a very simple level, it is a broad concept that refers to increasing the chances of being discovered by search engines and being properly classified by them so that the authority of your site on certain subjects increases. Some simple SEO tactics that can put you ahead of the game:

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Collapse the Keyword Research Process

Conventional keyword research strategies remain important, however, the way search engines are looking at them has changed radically in the last few years. Advanced and intelligent search algorithms now attempt to understand both the meaning of the text as well as the context of the usage, instead of a blind search for all terms associated with the query so that the search results are more relevant to the user’s actual information requirement.The process of keyword research in the context of the page contents can take very long, however, the recently released Keyword Explorer tool from Moz can take out a lot of pain by analyzing multiple factors simultaneously.

Repurpose and Upgrade Generic Content

Achieving good ranks for generic keywords can be quite difficult because most of the page contents tend to be branded. The earlier technique of forcefully inserting the keyword regardless of what the home page was all about, does not work anymore. Additionally, thin content has become an issue because modern search engines tend to favor pages that contain close to 2000 words on the subject for top rankings. The solution may lie in content marketing and building up relevant and useful stuff on unbranded topics. However, creating silos of original and relevant content can take quite a long time, so when in a hurry; it is a good idea to think about repurposing some of the content that is already with you, according to the senior SEO manager at SandCrest.

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Link building is easily one of the most frustrating aspects of SEO, especially when Google’s latest algorithms have become very sensitive to the quality and the source of the links. If you have too many backlinks, but the websites pointing to your direction are notorious for spamming, then penalization by Google is inevitable. Some of the most fruitful links building results can be derived from your marketing or promotional campaigns. You can create an opportunity for acquiring good quality links by thinking creatively about how you can get the owners of original and valuable content to willingly participate in your campaigns.

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You need to realize that it is the job of search engines to deliver the most useful stuff and in the long run, no amount of SEO is going to give you a sustainable edge unless you have the purpose and content that users really want. Rankings based on satisfaction delivered and good reviews are the most enduring. SEO does not always have to be complex; paying attention to certain core areas can get you the results fast.


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