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Today vehicles are impressive both technology wise as well as in the wide array of features they offer. The cars that were driven back in the 90s are long forgotten. This article is a throwback to those who learned to drive in the 90s. Read on to get the nostalgic flavor all over.

Trunk-Mounted Multi-Disc CD Changers

A CD player in a car was considered an advancement back in the day. But having a CD player wasn’t enough, you had to have Trapper Keeper full with CDs to enjoy a wide range of music. Multi-disc CDs at home allowed for quick sorting and we could cycle through six or more CDs.

In the late 1990s a factory head unit was introduced which leads to an integrated control of CD changers but even before that there was a remote control which constantly used to get lost in the ‘cargatory’ area which lied between the seat and car’s console.

Once the ‘tunklid’ was opened and you slid the door open to eject the CD magazine, you were only able to put the last six CDs therein. Then with time MP3 players and smartphones changed the landscape and replaced the CD changers.


For most people, there wasn’t a scratch for a CD changer or on a single CD player and all you were stuck with was Discman Car Kit. It had a portable Discman along with a power adapter and a digital signal into cassette adapter.

Early CD players had this limitation that they skipped and jarred dead in its tracks. Also, allowed for only 3 seconds of buffering which made it unusable in Japanese cars for sale back in the day until 2000s when the ability to store music digitally arrived on the scene and replaced CD.

Improvements such as 3 second and skip free buffering exploded onto the scene and car kits were included with spring loaded platform where Discman rode. Space wise it only took the half of your dashboard and delivered an improvement of over 0.000374.

Bag Phone

We know how today we cannot allow kids to step out without their cell phones outside the house. Back in the 90s when parents were worried sick, they stuffed your bag with a humongous phone. The example of such a phone is of Motorola 2900 which weighed in as much as a car battery.

Everything was teal

Today it feel like that cars always have to be from three shades of silver back way back in the 90s the color used to be teal. It was also backed by Federal Government at the time. Ford was one automobile manufacturer at the time which capitalized on it. The brand launched Ford Aspire and Aerostar minivan in teal color.

Even the two wheel drive of Ford Rangers came in some form of teal color.

Neon Pulse Stripes

This one of those which is textbook 90s. It has the teal color. It’s Geo and packs a Neon Pulse Stripe. Thank God it is not Jennifer Anniston’s that’s featured on the car or else it would have been the nine-tiest thing ever!

You were amped for the New Beetle

At the end of 2000s, we knew what the New Beetle packed. It was an alternative for those individuals who didn’t want to be seen in a Civic because it had become so common then, that the idea for its newness quickly worn off.

Now if you were to look back it’s hard to fathom the craze New Beetle had in 1997. This led to a complete old-fashioned movement in the field of automobiles. Cars like Mini Cooper and Ford Mustang largely owe their existence to New Beetle.

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