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Job & Career BY Mashum Mar 03, 2017
SEO EXpert

Effective search engine optimization seems to be essential for businesses to achieve greater visibility in search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google. An SEO specialist is known to possess the ability and the skill to assist their clients in gaining a higher ranking in the search engines while concentrating on greater customer engagement, as well as, a boost in conversion rates. Moreover, an SEO specialist has to continue his learning throughout his career. He has to stay relevant and must have sound knowledge about the latest in the SEO world.

In this context, you must keep in mind that the SEO scenario is constantly changing and it is pretty challenging to stay abreast with the latest in the industry. An SEO specialist’s primary job is analyzing, reviewing and implementing various modifications related to the websites with an objective to optimize them for search engines. The chief responsibility of an SEO specialist, therefore, is to maximize the traffic to your website by enhancing page rank very much within the search engines.

SEO Specialist: Skill Set

An SEO Expert is expected to have a flair for creativity. He must possess exceptional analytical, marketing, and technical skills. He should possess sound knowledge and must be able to determine and identify effective techniques, strategies, and tactics for boosting the traffic to a website and obtaining a high SERP ranking.

SEO specialists must possess a spectrum of skill sets and have diverse backgrounds. For instance, some SEO specialists have a sound programming background and they focus primarily on technical optimization. However, there are some others who possess sound knowledge and extensive experience in the fields of writing, designing or even advertising. Irrespective of what they specialize in, all SEO specialists are expected to possess a thorough understanding of how search engines operate.

SEO job would make it compulsory for you to go on reviewing your skills constantly and stay abreast with the cutting-edge technological developments and the latest trends in the arena. There is a tremendous amount of competition in this conventional SEO market, this sector is known to be booming. It has been forecasted that SEO specialists would never lose their significance and would stay very much in demand forever.

Flexibility is the key to success in this field of work. You require being flexible since you would need to work on a spectrum of specialized fields from writing original web page content to programming. You must possess great time management skills. It is essential for you to devote your time and your efforts into link-building tactics and to make sure that you are fully abreast with the latest advancements in the field today by browsing through and reading carefully the SEO, as well as, the Internet marketing blogs.

Educational Qualifications

An SEO specialist must have a degree in the relevant field and must have at least, one to about three year’s robust background in web experience. You must possess sound knowledge of the CSS, HTML, blogging and programming language.

Key Responsibilities

Here are some of the main functions of an SEO specialist. He is supposed to be:

  • Programming in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for ensuring that the site is easily accessible and equally easy and simple to follow. Moreover, for improved interaction and coordination with the visitors, this could be involving working on PDFs and video.
  • Running PPC or pay-per-click campaigns for increasing revenue via sponsored online advertising.
  • Writing genuine and original content for all your web pages customized for your target audience.
  • Making technical recommendations to the developers.
  • Checking constantly the search terms, analytics and rankings for monitoring client website performance and come up with suggestions for improvement.
  • Engaging effectively with other businesses for bringing in paid commission to drive customers to their specific websites.
  • Utilizing conversion rate and user experience, as well as, conversion rate optimization techniques for turning visitors into even more active users. Moreover, they help to enhance website performance.
  • Devoting efforts to community building for driving loyal, sincere, and targeted traffic to a particular website.
  • Developing & integrating content marketing tactics & strategies.
  • Using social media for distributing content and encouraging more external links for linking to your content thus you are entrusted with more authority.
  • Monitoring the algorithms for keeping abreast with the latest.

An SEO specialist must be very well-organized and certainly, an exceptional multitasker. Modern SEO specialist should be an excellent problem solver, as well as, a wonderful decision maker who has the capability of prioritizing and developing engaging and relevant content.

Mashum Mollah is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO at Viacon, a digital marketing agency that drive visibility, engagement, and proven results. He blogs at

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