Role Of Information Technology In Environment And Human Health

role of information technology in environment and human health
role of information technology in environment and human health

Talking about the role of IT in the environment, education, and human health and comparing it to other areas like business, culture, and politics, and economics they all put forward their hand to improve the upcoming status.

As the internet and technology keep growing, geographic information and data generate a higher wealth of information that is updated on many aspects of the environment and human health. The role of information technology in the environment and human health is important.

Many software is created for environmental and human health studies that are available in the market. It becomes friendly for the users and educates them with comfort.

In this article I will talk about the role of information technology in environment and human health is playing in the environment and in the health of humans.

Role Of Information Technology In Environment And Human Health (ENVIRONMENT):

Here are some serious roles that IT plays in the role of information technology in environment and human health. Go through it in detail.

1. Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing Technology

A satellite-based technique is used for accessing the ongoing changes in the environment and that is called remote sensing. It predicts natural calamities like floods, cyclones, and volcanic eruptions.

The Remote Sensing technique is also used in exploring accessibility crude oils, location of geothermal power sources, and mineral deposits.

2. Assembling Database

Assembling Interrelated Data

Database points to a collection of interrelated data on several subjects. Since the data is stored in the computer it is quite simple to retrieve it whenever it is required. In the United States, there are Distribution Information Centres.

They are linked to one another having a single information network that can be accessed by the international database. The comprehensive database includes wildlife, forest cover, conversation along with diseases like HIV, AIDS, Malaria, etc.

3. Geographical Information


It is a very effective tool while assessing environmental changes. GIS is a method that imposes thematic maps that are used by digital data on a huge number of interrelated or inter-defendant situations.

Thematic maps contain data on water resources, forest land, cropland, human settlement. They are done in a layered form with the help of computer software.

4. National Management Information System

This system is a part of Science and Technology that has a database on projects which is based on Research and Development that includes news about research scientists and personnel. 

5. Environment Information System

Environment Information System

The system was launched in 1982, and it aims at providing environmental information to policymakers, engineers, scientists all around the world. It generates a network database to examine spots such as pollution control, biodiversity, wildlife, remote sensing technology.

The network works on creating sites in environment-related areas. Thus, it will provide linkages with many information while they create a database on selected parameters and publish bulletins. It plays the role of an interface for users.

Role Of Information Technology In Environment And Human Health (HUMAN HEALTH)

Information technology plays a huge role in human health areas like bioinformatics, genome sequencing, biotechnology, and many more. It is a way of maintaining DTA databases as well as medical transcription to stretch the space of human health. It can also detect several diseases like malaria, HIV, etc.

Bioinformatics cures severe illnesses like osteoporosis, another help is in the Human Genome Project by building a computer program on genome sequencing. The project here creates a map of the entire staff in the human cell by decoding 3 million units of their DNA.

Online Health Information

The online portal of information acts as a vast quantum of news that is related to human health and subjects on the environment. Suppose a patient wants to help himself and analyze himself, so this information allows them to do it. 

Or maybe consult a doctor, they are free to do that too.

OSHA has an online portal made for employees to get information on serious and non-serious activities. This information is given in the workplace so that the employers get alert and also come up with safety measures that will be followed.

There is a Home Medical Transcription System called Home Trans recently started by the United States. This transcription allows you to get medical services at home. Anyone with the internet and mobile gadgets can operate this medical transcription.

2. World Wide Web

World Wide Web Or WWW

In www, there is uncountable accessible data. Now it is considered to be the best and largest online education center for learning. The www provides recent information on human health and environmental science.

It offers many activities along with many other things like digital files, web- exercises, photos, quizzes, and presentations related to the mentioned areas in the above line. Moreover, it helps students and teachers both to learn new things, professionals as well learn for further environmental and health studies. 

Wrapping It All Up

So there you go with an article, environment vs technology. To be honest, maybe technology is not the good side that works on the environment. But can we deny the facts they provide about the environment?

Don’t share the trend, just answer honestly to the role of information technology in environment and human health. 

Technology helps us in human and environmental issues. They predict disasters be it in the human body or nature.

I think it’s high time we keep aside our negative rumors and focus on what IT really does for human and environmental health.

Leave a comment down below and mention something that this article doesn’t have but should have.

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