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The Most Reliable Payment Systems For Financial Transactions

Finance BY Mony Dec 12, 2023
Reliable Payment Systems

You can pay for goods and services with banknotes. However, more and more people prefer cashless payments, as it is convenient and safe. The rules and principles for transferring money from one entity to another are established by the payment system. It ensures the technical stability of money movement and is responsible for the high speed of transfer and its security.

Almost all countries in the world today have developed their payment systems, and international ones are also actively used. In this article, you will learn about which payment systems savvy users choose to transfer funds and make purchases. If you regularly have to deal with international payments and you need a Ukrainian service to track foreign money exchange – Rates is what you need.

What Is A Payment System?

A payment system is an instrument for transferring funds non-cash. Financial institutions have control over the functioning of such systems. They are responsible for the stability of transactions, storage of money, etc.

Objectives of the payment system:

  • guarantee the uninterrupted flow of money;
  • ensure the security of transfers;
  • prevent possible technical failures in operation.

The key advantage of any payment system is high transaction speed. If bank transfers take place within one business day or more, then through payment services the transaction is carried out instantly.

Existing payment systems are traditionally divided into international and national.

The international system is a transnational structure that operates throughout the world. These include VISA, MasterCard, and American Express systems. Using such solutions, the user can purchase an Aetna insurance policy or make an important purchase at any time.

National payment systems are created within a separate state and are regulated by internal regulations. For example, Carte Bleue in France, etc.

Separately, electronic payment systems are distinguished. These services are designed to accept payments in cyberspace: in an online store, when paying for services online, and so on.

Today there are more than 100 payment systems in the world, both traditional and electronic. Let’s look at the most popular payment systems in the world.

Advantages Of Working With The Most Popular Payment Systems

Each of the existing payment systems has its own characteristics. Now is the time to study the features of using each of the currently popular systems.

Visa And MasterCard

These are the most famous and popular international systems that allow you to make non-cash payments using bank cards around the world. According to statistics, in the United States, these systems account for almost 100% of transactions conducted online.

These payment systems are widely used in Europe and are generally accepted in hundreds of countries around the world. Cash turnover is $4.8 trillion. The working currency is the US dollar. MasterCard is also headquartered in the United States, but its base currency is the euro. The system is used in 210 countries but is inferior in coverage to Visa cards.


This is an electronic payment system. It is extremely popular all over the world, especially in the USA, where it is used for online payments in 90% of cases. It was founded in America in 1998. In terms of coverage, it is not inferior to traditional Visa and MasterCard services. This payment system is represented in more than 200 countries around the world. PayPal is a structural division of the largest online trading platform eBay, where the lion’s share of purchases is paid for using this method. PayPal supports 25 currencies.

PayPal is great for online payments in foreign online stores, especially in the USA.

Perfect Money

The release of this system took place in 2007, and it quickly gained the trust of users. Perfect Money is focused on making payments between individuals. Users have a choice of 4 ways to store funds: in US dollars, euros, as well as in gold, and Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Crypto transactions are a significant advantage of the system.

Perfect Money opens up a wide range of opportunities for users, including transferring money from account to account, accepting online payments, paying for services, and making purchases, as well as storing money in cryptocurrency.

Among the advantages of the payment system:

  • simple registration;
  • moderate interest in transactions;
  • ability to work without account identification;
  • high level of transaction security.

Advanced Cash

AdvCash allows users to create multi-currency wallets, giving them the ability to store and transact in a variety of currencies, including fiat currencies such as US dollars, euros, and pounds sterling, and the service also supports all popular cryptocurrencies.

One of the key advantages of AdvCash is its versatility. It is designed for a global audience and can be used by individuals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and online merchants. Users can fund their AdvCash wallets through a variety of methods, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and cryptocurrency deposits.


This is a fairly young electronic payment system, which was registered in Estonia in 2012. Among the advantages of Payeer:

  • the ability to withdraw money to a bank account;
  • currency exchange services, including cryptocurrencies;
  • reliable account and wallet protection system;
  • referral system, which allows for earning extra money;
  • coverage in more than 200 countries;
  • no restrictions on the transaction amount.

The system also offers to issue your plastic card. With its help, you can withdraw cash from your account.


One of the first electronic payment systems, was founded in London in 2001. Users have access to 2 types of accounts: regular and verified.

Main benefits of Skrill:

  • instant account replenishment and withdrawal of money;
  • high level of account protection;
  • attractive bonuses for clients;
  • own mobile application.

Final Thoughts

If you regularly make international payments and use the services of Bank of America or Binance and it is important for you to track currency exchange rates in the Ukrainian financial market, we recommend the Rates service. It is available around the clock from anywhere in the world – be it bustling New York or peaceful Bali.

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