Reduce Costs with Telephony Using VoIP: Your Accounts Up To 70% Cheaper

With the telecommunications sector going through important moments in the face of new technological advances and telephony costs representing a good part of the expenses of any company, the managers are looking for alternatives that allow touching the businesses without losing the quality and productivity, but that do not weigh so much in your pocket. Faced with this scenario, many are managing to reduce costs with VoIP telephony. Do not know what it is all about? Keep reading and see how you can also have phone bills up to 70% cheaper every month.

VoIP telephony, also known as digital telephony or IP telephony is already widely used in several countries abroad, presenting an accelerated growth in the corporate world in recent years. Large corporations have already joined VoIP, and gradually but at increasing rate, small and medium-sized businesses are becoming aware of the importance of having a productivity-enhancing tool and help reduce telephony costs. Today, VoIP is the best cost-effective telephony solution. Experts say that in a few years, the conventional telephony we know will disappear. With VoIP, companies can reduce telephony costs and pay up to 70% less in telephone bills every month. Want to know how this is possible? Just understand how VoIP works.

VoIP: what is it, how does it work and why is it so cheap?

VoIP is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. It means Voice over Internet Protocol. In other words, it is the technology that allows you to make and receive connections through a computer network and not through copper wires connected to telephone exchanges like traditional fixed telephony. The main reason VoIP provides a savings of up to 70% in telephone bills is precisely in the technology used. Internet calls work as if they were local calls, so it is much cheaper to call other states or other countries, not to mention that the rates themselves are already much lower because the voice does not have to travel long distances analog as with conventional technology.

Another way to save money with VoIP is through free toll-free calls. Wherever you are, your employees and partners may have an extension attached to your primary VoIP number, and any incoming or outgoing calls will be free of charge. All of your business numbers will be interconnected in a digital central office, streamlining contacts, minimizing efforts to contact those farther, and most importantly, effectively helping to reduce telephony costs. Unquestionably, VoIP is the only technology on the market that provides such significant cost savings.

What does it take to have a VoIP phone number? How do I use it?

You may not know it, but VoIP has started to be adopted by companies around the world with the goal of reducing call costs. Thanks to digital telephony, it is possible to make free calls between branches, that is, between VoIP extensions, no matter where they are installed. Undoubtedly, adopting VoIP technology is a great way to reduce costs on domestic or international long-distance calls to landlines and mobile phones due to the reduced rates of Internet calls, but also the only way to make free calls between branches.

To have a VoIP account, all you have to do is hire a VoIP carrier plan, pick your numbers and start talking! By operating over the Internet, VoIP makes it possible to make and receive calls from any Internet-connected device such as a smartphone, tablet, computer or notebook. No long, complicated and expensive installations. You sign up and use it!

How this technology helps you to save money?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the name given to technology that transforms analog voice data into digital voice data and transports it over an Internet connection. In analogue telephony, the Public Switched Telephone Network (RPTC) is used to route telephone calls from the original subscriber terminal to its destination. On the other hand, in digital telephony, voice is sent through the computer network, that is, the Internet.

One of the great advantages of VoIP, technology that is already present in several software that we use in everyday life as Skype, WhatsApp and Messenger, is the possibility to make free calls for unlimited time to another number like Skype-Skype, WhatsApp- WhatsApp and Messenger-Messenger. Just be connected to the Internet to do this. This advantage also extends to enterprise VoIP solutions such as those of specialized companies are one of the best ways you can save on VoIP since connections between branches (branch offices, suppliers, offices or whatever else is connected to your primary number) are totally free.

It is expected that shortly, the telephony market of the busiest economical hubs like IP PBX System Dubai are going to go through a major revolution and VoIP will completely replace conventional telephone calls. That means that soon the analogue telephony we know so well will no longer exist and voice communication will be based solely and exclusively on IP telephony. But you do not have to wait for this revolution to start saving for VoIP! The technology is at your fingertips and you can modernize and reduce costs today.

Final considerations :

For years VoIP has gone from being a dubious technology and has become a support tool for companies that care about results, productivity and economy. It is possible to save money with VoIP and this cost reduction can reach up to 70% every month. Several technologies have come up with the objective of reducing costs. Have you ever wondered about saving with VoIP? Contrary to what many people think, digital telephony is not expensive. Analyzing its cost-effectiveness, there is practically no reason to remain hostage to conventional analog telephony and its high connection charges.

So what are you waiting for today to migrate to digital telephony? Providing unmistakable economy and yet offering a range of professional features to the user, VoIP has been growing worldwide. Those who stay out are at serious risk of surviving in an increasingly technological and unified market. Let’s migrate to VoIP telephony today!

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