3 Reasons Why TikTok Isn’t Working For You

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TikTok is not only one of the most used apps in the world, but it’s also one of the most innovative, constantly offering new ways to be entertained.

One of the newest ways to make connections with others is through daily photos along with video experiences through TikTok Now. That allows you to share your real and authentic moments with your friends and other people who are valuable to you.

Succeeding on TikTok is not always a walk in the park: with new features to discover, a new audience, and algorithms, you need a well-set strategy in place.

If you are not partnering with influencers for your campaigns, leveraging trends, or don’t use the right keywords or hashtags, chances are that you might remain unnoticed.

Let’s take a closer look at how to improve this.

3 Potential Cousese For Which TikTok Isn’t Working for You

TikTok isn’t working. This is such a disaster. You are just in the right moments before uploading your latest videos. Then all of a sudden, these malfunctions occur. This is a serious, heartbreaking situation.

The solution is only possible when you know what the actual cause of it is. 

1. You’re not partnering with influencers for your campaigns

 content creator on TikTok

As already mentioned above, TikTok is the place to connect with GenZ, and it appeals mostly to younger audiences. They value authenticity above all and are not really into traditional advertising

This is where influencer marketing comes in-finding the right creator to partner with can help your brand gain the visibility it deserves among GenZ. 

A recent successful(and famous) collaboration is Khaby Lame x Hugo Boss, after the company’s decision to rebrand and aim at Gen Z and millennial audiences. 

Who better to help them achieve this goal than the second-most followed content creator on TikTok?

However, you don’t need to pair up with the most famous influencers to make your brand known: micro-influencers are also great for reaching GenZ’s heart. 

The secret is to partner up with the influencer who is the best fit for your brand. An experienced TikTok agency can help you raise your awareness and community engagement with personalized influencer campaigns. 

2. You’re not creating viral content or leveraging trends

The best way to stand out from the crowd is to create viral videos, music, and sounds have a tremendous impact on engagement, so make sure to include a trending sound in your audio. 

Also, you need to take into consideration that the attention span of TikTok users varies between 1-4 seconds, so that’s how quickly you need to capture the attention of the viewer. 

Watch time and completion rate are the key metrics that TikTok takes into consideration, so if your audience is only watching a few seconds of your video before scrolling to the next one, the algorithm will not work in your favor. 

Leveraging the knowledge and experience of a TikTok marketing agency would be the best way to understand and use the trends to create viral content. 

3. You are not using a hashtag strategy or the right keywords 

Tiktok logo

Including keywords from your own niche in hashtags or text/speech is a great way to be discovered by TikTok users, as a vast majority of them search on the platform by using hashtags.

Branded Hashtag challenges are also a proven strategy to gain visibility and awareness, as it makes it easier for TikTok users to share their views on the content/brand and makes it easier for your brand to be found on the platform. 

Wet n wild’s #BiggerIsBetter challenge is a perfect example of hashtag challenges and has a staggering 10.4B views. Many of the tik tok keywords are stored in the system. But very few you actually can apply. 

So before publishing any video or image, or content with hashtags, always check the acclivity of the hashtags. Then perform the research and know which types of hashtags are compatible with your content.

The Takeaway

If your brand doesn’t have the desired visibility and awareness on TikTok, there might be some things you have to consider.

By identifying areas of growth and opportunity on this platform, your brand can get to the next level. An experienced TikTok marketing agency can help you develop the right strategy and deliver viral, ROI-focused marketing that will captivate your target audience and make your brand stand out.

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