Quick And Easy Ways To Refresh Your Garden

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Refresh Your Garden

Even if you love your garden’s landscaping design, chances are that after a few seasons, you’ll notice that it could use a spruce. If you’re not ready for a total overhaul of your landscaping, there are some easy ways to refresh your garden.

Make your outdoor space one that has a dramatic impact and a unique appeal. Here are some garden hacks and ideas for projects that will only take a weekend but will give your garden a new lease on life.

How Do I Refresh My Garden?

#1 Divide Plants

You can use their existing plants to enhance their flourishing gardens. It is worth emphasizing the importance of dividing perennials that have clumped together and replanting them elsewhere. Can be applied the same technique to seedlings that have sprouted in gravel or sandy areas, where they can be easily uprooted. Transplanting thriving plants from pots to garden borders is a favorable option.

#2 Add Some Annuals To Refresh Your Garden

Ever wondered how those well-maintained public gardens and expansive landscaped estates maintain their vibrant appearance? It appears as though their beds are blooming with continuous and colorful flowers. You can achieve a similar look by planting pre-flowering annuals and replacing them as soon as the blooms fade.

Your local flower shop regularly has sales and often features seasonal plants. This is a great chance to plant empty spaces with bright flowers. Inexpensive and easily accessible, pansies and primroses are perfect for filling the gaps in your garden during those chilly early spring months when everything else appears dull.

An interesting practice is to look for interesting solutions from other gardeners in your city. You can install the plant identifier app and instantly recognize the plant you see in the city. Using the plant identifier app, you can not only find out the type of plant, but also the features of caring for it, its life cycle, and its preferences, etc.

Just one app for iPhone is enough to create a constantly blooming garden. The advantage of the app for plants is that it also shows when, how, and with what, you can fertilize the plant. In a nutshell, the plant app will allow you to realize any creative plans for your garden.

#3 Refresh Furniture

Out of all the ways to refresh your garden, this is an important one! Coating shabby wooden benches and old seating sets with wood treatment extends their lifespan and rejuvenates their appearance.

Wait for a mild spell and experiment with Cuprinol’s Garden Shades, which provide a variety of brilliant color choices to break away from the natural wood aesthetic.

#4 Create A Relaxation Area

A freestanding umbrella can offer shade in various areas, not just above your dining table. Placing the umbrella here shades both the chairs and the table, giving it an organic and asymmetrical look.

Umbrellas come in different sizes and colors. It’s important to choose one with a sturdy base to prevent it from getting carried away by the wind. Additionally, look for an umbrella with a tilting feature, as this will allow you to adjust it to the perfect angle.

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#5 Hang a hammock

Hanging out in a hammock or swinging back and forth on a swing truly epitomizes the essence of summer. It’s even better when your chosen spot perfectly complements the vibrant colors of your summer yard. This deck is adorned with an eye-catching orange swing, while the blue ropes that suspend it beautifully coordinate with the nearby rocking chair.

#6 Bring indoor plants outdoors

During the warm season, your houseplants can survive and even thrive by spending some time outside. You can gradually acclimate them to the outdoors by exposing them to one hour of sunlight on the first day and gradually increasing the time each following day. Make sure to begin this transition after the last frost date for your region, when the nighttime temperature remains above 60°F (15.5°C).

#7 Light up your lawn

The garden becomes more atmospheric with the addition of lighting, especially when there’s a light snowfall. Nowadays, there are numerous affordable options available that don’t require expensive wiring. Opting for solar-powered lighting is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly. You can choose from a wide range of styles, such as hanging lanterns and stakes, which are perfect for lining your paths and borders.

#8 Rethink the look of your walkways

If you want to give your garden a whole new look, changing the appearance of your pathways can be the perfect solution. Consider replacing paver materials with either stone or composite or even altering the colors or shapes of the pavers.

If you currently have gravel or mulch as pathway linings or as a base for paving stones, try using a different color or size of the same material, or switch it up entirely. For example, you could replace gravel with grass or mulch with sand.

Adding fresh gravel, mulch, or other materials to your pathways can also breathe new life into your garden.

#9 Play with paint colors

To give your yard a fresh look without much hassle, consider adding a pop of unexpected color. Start with small changes like painting a pot or garden bench, or get creative with other garden elements.

In this backyard, the designers incorporated a vibrant orange hue on a single board of each columnar planter. This choice complements the darker gray shade used on the remaining planks and the fence. To avoid repetition, they also included red-orange chairs on the deck that tie in with the overall aesthetic.

When choosing paint, make sure it is suitable for both the surface you’re painting and outdoor use. If you plan on painting a planter used for edibles, opt for a nontoxic option.

#10 Handle potted plants

Over time, it’s easy to overlook that potted plants deplete soil nutrients and degrade its quality. Check your potted plants to see if they require a soil replacement, especially if they have outgrown their current pots. Even if repotting isn’t necessary, nurturing them with suitable fertilizer will promote healthy growth, including vibrant blooms.


First, it is important to understand what exactly you want. How can I make my garden look nice with no money? You should probably rearrange your plants, make your own garden fittings, or tidy up your overgrown shrubs. 

If you are ready to invest money, then start with the seating area and add more interesting plants. You don’t necessarily need a big budget, you can buy annual flower seeds for your entire garden for as little as $10-$20. All this can surely help you to extract ways to refresh your garden. 

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