How To Create Product Interest When Marketing To Children

Marketing BY Mony Apr 04, 2024
How To Create Product Interest When Marketing To Children

The modern-age marketing has distanced itself from the “one size fits all” mantra. Successful businesses know that if you (try to) market to everyone, you market to no one. 

Customers’ preferences vary depending on many factors, one being the age. Therefore, if your target audience is kids, here’s what you need to consider when marketing your products and services to them.

It All Starts With Research 

The key to an effective marketing strategy is defining your target audience, their interests, and the places/channels they seek information. As your ICP (ideal customer profile) is kids, the next thing is to determine their areas of interest and use them to create messaging they resonate with. Remember, kids of different ages have different interests.

Establish what content kids consume these days, especially from popular culture, and create your strategy around it. That includes video games, movies, and music. You can look for available data or simply ask the kids by conducting surveys. 

Draw The Parents’ Attention

Draw The Parents' Attention

Marketing to children basically means marketing to parents, as they are the ones deciding what will be bought. Of course, kids are your target audience and will be involved in the decision-making. With that in mind, create content appealing to both kids and their caregivers.

The internet has become our go-to place for seeking information regarding products and services we are interested in. Social media and email are effective in reaching out to the audience. 

Depending on your budget and the number of people involved in marketing efforts, you can try direct mail, posting on social media to encourage conversation in the posts and DMs, and online ads. The path to a successful marketing strategy is a series of trials and errors critical to determining what has the most effect on the people you want to attract.

Still, meeting with parents and kids in person may be the best-case scenario to present your offer and build trust. Consider displaying your products at fairs in your local community, organising family-friendly activities in your store, or joining forces with other retailers with similar products and doing cross-promotions. 

Product interest is something that a business entity has to work out consistently. It is a great way to understand the demand of a product before the target audience. This is something the stakeholders have to consider. 

Colours And Design Matter

Colours And Design Matter

Vivid colours and eye-catching graphics are (not so) secret ingredients for building a website that draws attention, motivating visitors to examine your offer and potentially buy your products or services. This strategy is applicable when marketing to kids (and, why not, adults). 

The choice of colours can make or break your marketing strategy. Aside from propelling brand awareness and strengthening brand recognition, colours have a vital role in crafting messages for specific campaigns and the response you expect in return. 

Don’t hesitate to use different types of visuals, like images and tables. And to take things to an upper level, consider videos, preferably animated ones. Such content helps present the characteristics and benefits of products and services dynamically and more engagingly than other formats, such as photos. 

Set The Right Tone

You must be mindful of the language you use when creating children-focused messaging. The words you use must be appropriate for the age you communicate with. Use clear and jargon-free sentences. Avoid information clutter. Instead, aim for short formulations and bullet points. 

Even though we think children quickly lose interest if we give them too much information, the attention span of adults has also decreased due to the expansion of short-form online content. Aim for conciseness when creating written pieces and product descriptions for your website, given that parents are the ones analysing your offer in-depth. 

Make It Interactive: Product Testing And Free Trials 

If you want to evoke kids’ interest, allow them to try your products. For instance, if you are about to launch a new toy, invite kids and their parents to try it out. If the budget and space allow you, create a play zone in your store where kids will “test” your product, enabling you to observe their reactions and ask for feedback. 

Free trials may be the key to driving and increasing sales for those selling online services. In addition, employing gamification to create quizzes and video games makes your website more interactive, boosting traffic and, ultimately, conversions. 

Similar to what we said about colours and design, marketing, as a whole, is one of the pillars of your business. Still, being in marketing, regardless of how stressful it is, can be quite rewarding and exciting, especially if you are addressing kids. So make the most out of it, and have fun!

Use The Influential Moms To Market to create product interest 

The only aim of extracting product interest is to attain a greater market share. It is the same for the baby products . It’s a big industry now. However, with the large expanse of opportunities, there are challenges, too. One of the ways to tackle this is by using influential moms to market and create interest in products. 

You have the Instagram reels, which came to the forefront in 2022. It is proving to be great for grabbing the attention of the kids. However, there are challenges of stiff competition. But if your marketing reels are a great success in the long run, then it won’t be a huge problem for you to reach out to the babies. 

The parent’s love for their kids is unconditional. This emotion could be a great tool to influence the mind. However, you have to work on the videos to create the interest and impact so that it creates product interest. 

Connect With Like-Minded Moms To Create Product Interests

Businesses have been using celebrities for a long time to reach out to people across different age groups. However, the trends have slightly drifted, but not too much. 

It is emerging once again in marketing products. Small businesses could use Instagram celebrities to market their products. 

Alternatively, you can move onto instgram and search for parents-related hashtags and popular instagram parents. This is touted to be an excellent way to reach out to the children. However, looking at these trends, the startups are making efforts to follow this strategy to market baby products and generate product interest. 

Use The Email Workflows Intentionally

We have observed time and again that marketers are using different ways to get in touch with the target market. The ultimate is to generate product interest. Therefore, consider the type of information that you could gather from the search visitors so that you could make the email workflows more personal. 

For example, you could include a box and, after that ask for the child’s age and birthday. This unfolds new opportunities for things like curated newsletters and birthday discounts. Moreover, you could use them to market your products. 

However, you have to focus on creating the email content that serves the interest of the target audience and thereafter drives them to the website. This is how you could generate product interest before the children. 

Finally, Building Your Own Website 

Website building must be one of the most practical ways to attract the attention of children. Moreover, you have to focus on the design of your website to render the look and feel of the kids website. 

Many eCommerce business owners are putting their efforts into bringing in digital foot traffic. Consult the help of the web designers. They have good experience in using the right colours, pictures, layouts and fonts. This can help create a child’s website. In addition, you could also work out your website to optimize it to collect emails. 

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