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Guide How To Prepare For Family Photo Shoot, Which Will Help Make The Process Easier

Family Photo Shoot

Life is very fleeting, children grow up and go off to build their adult lives, and after all, every year of growing up, you want so much to leave in the memory, to keep the happiest moments, so family photo shoots are not just about photography.

Families often turn to photographers with such a request, and your job is not only to make high-quality photos but also to prepare them for the process, to run through all the conditions and wishes of the client in advance. You need to determine the location of the shoot, the appearance of the clients, props, and ideas they will like, and help them tune in.

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Location For The Family Photo Shoot

To choose a location you need to talk to the family beforehand and decide if it will be a photo shoot at home, in the studio, or outdoors. All options are good in their own way.

In the studio, the photographer is able to use a large amount of equipment, which gives an opportunity to make a quality shot, but you need to think in advance about props so that the photos were not boring.

Photography at home has many advantages, such as:

  • Children often feel more relaxed and calm at home, which makes it easier to take pictures. Encourage parents to explain to young children what will be happening and understand what a stranger is doing in their home.
  • No need to collect toys, food, and water for the children to take to the shooting to ensure their peace of mind.
  • And of course, children often have all sorts of mishaps, because of which there is a need to change clothes, which is easier to do at home, and there is no need to lead anywhere a large number of things.

If you and your client decide to hold a photo shoot at home, then you need to figure out in advance what kind of lighting there is, and if necessary, take with you additional equipment.

Help Your Clients Pick Out Their Closets Beforehand

Help Your Clients Pick Out Their Closets Beforehand

There are basic principles for choosing clothes for a photo shoot that you need to familiarize your clients with beforehand so that they have time to prepare. We are talking about such principles, namely:

  • it is desirable that the clothes were in calm tones, such as shades of beige, gray, cream, and other pastel colors;
  • the client’s clothes must match the color and style;
  • the absence of large, bright, conspicuous clothing inscriptions and drawings that will attract attention to the frame.

The main factor is the convenience of your client for a comfortable photo shoot.

Organization Of Conditions And Preparation Of Clients

A very common situation is when the photographer arrives at the client’s home, and they are not yet ready, and there is a sense of fuss in the atmosphere, which prevents both you and the family to tune in.

Ask your clients to prepare their home and closet the night before the shoot, and start preparing themselves an hour earlier than they are going to. It’s not even about wasting time, in which you could have taken a lot of pictures, but the clients themselves begin to worry, the mood drops, and you do not need it.

If the photo shoot is in a studio or outdoors, prompt the clients to bring water, food, and necessary items for their comfort and that of the children.

Family Hobbies Or Their Favorite Activity

Practice shows that the most successful shots are the moments of communication between parents and children in the process of joint action, especially when it comes to their favorite games or joint hobbies.

Such shots are real, not staged, and if, for example, your shooting is not at home, customers can prepare in advance and take items such as:

  • board games that can be played at home, in the park, or in the studio;
  • active games, such as balls, rackets, frisbee bowls, etc;

When the family is engaged in their usual and favorite activities during the photo shoot, the photographer has the opportunity to capture their true emotions.

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Ask The Family In Advance What Ideas They Have

People who don’t take pictures on a regular basis, and who are far from it in principle, very often feel stiff and awkward in front of the camera lens. To help them relax, tell them about each step of the shoot so that they understand the sequence.

Tell them first what ideas you have for the shoot, and find out what they would like. Very often people want something but are too shy to voice it to a professional. In the process of such a dialogue, it will be easier for you to build rapport, and relax your clients. By the way, families often find very interesting ideas beforehand, and your job as a professional photographer is to edit them in a way that would qualitatively realize their idea.


You have familiarized yourself with the main aspects of preparing for a family photo shoot. Preparing your clients for this process is the key to a successful result. Talk to them, help them pick out their clothes, talk about the steps of the shooting process, and play with their children to build rapport. If you implement all these points, the process will certainly be easy and interesting, and the result in the form of happy faces in the photos will not leave them indifferent.

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