Positive & Negative Effects of Advertising


Advertising, which falls on two crucial categories to influence and distraction, in a way, to completely hypnotize the belief of a person. As we are fully aware that there are always two pictures of every prospect. In the same way, advertising has two diverse corners.

After thorough research, I have concluded some major, positive and negative aspect of advertising on human sentiments. I’ll begin firstly with the positive effect of advertising:

Positive Effect of Advertising:

1. Public Awareness:

The foremost positive aspect, as we completely know that public awareness. Whenever a region, state or country goes through some terrible disaster via climate or another source, stakeholders run public awareness advertisement to guide them with the on-going problems. Moreover, there are also public awareness programs are run to give knowledge or cautions to the local masses.

2. Encourage Liberty of Expression:

Some democratic countries highly emphasize the figure of expression. This liberty to the advertisement enables the point of being expressive and lack of censorship. Moreover, when society realizes their rights, they become more competitive with other nations. In that nation or society justice always prevails.

3. Profitable for Employments & Products:

For any brand building or product formation, advertising is a significant part. It not only engage consumers emotionally and psychologically but forces them to invest their finance on it. Secondly, the major contribution to advertising is employment creation by experiencing them with a wide range of opportunities in the desired field.

4. Human Well-Being:

If you have a chance to visit any county (village), you can inspect that there is lack of well-being institutions. Advertisement through well-known media would be very effective about the caution of diseases such as

dengue virus

For example; outdoor advertising may also guide people to take crucial measures against the ongoing illness.

5. Provides Enjoyment:

Advertisement provides enjoyment in a way to highlight funny or song based advertisement. There are more chances of viral on social media if your content possesses entertainment material.

 Negative Effects of Advertising:

1. Fabricated Products:

Some advertisement distracts the audience by displaying the products which are not originally possessed by the companies. In this way, they not only affect public mentality but ruin the viewpoint of advertisement. Hence, fabrication of advertisement is a bigger negative point towards the people.

2. Injurious Content:

Some countries, where they took advantage of free freedom of expression to display injurious content, which influences teenagers. Like alcohols, drugs, reproduction ads and so on. It not only effects them but also more chances to wrap these practices in their routine.

3. Misguiding The Teen:

There is a direct link between injurious content and the youth. According to the stats, the large society of young people is highly preoccupied with evil content. Initially, evil content hypnotizes the younger generation by PG+ advertisement. Secondly, it encourages them to put this material in their consistent lifestyles.

4. Disturb Culturally:

You know, if you want to vanish the certain region culture, it’s done through advertisement and movies. You are now extremely shocked by this, how can it be? It is done through continuous campaigns to attract the mindset of youth and creates propaganda against it.

5. Creates Out of Box Beliefs:

Advertising is also being manipulated by creating unauthentic beliefs towards the audience. It is like fitting impossible beliefs in their approach.

Closing Point-of-View:

As above points make you clear that there is always pros and cons for anything. There are none material or living thing which is perfect, hence we can conclude about a certain thing if it has lesser negative points than the positive. If this assumption is rightly fit for advertisement, that I’ll go through with a positive aspect.

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