How To Open The Law Office You’ve Always Dreamed Of

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Law careers have a continued upward trajectory, and the BLS predicts a huge increase in opportunities until 2031. If you’ve dreamt of opening a law office and running your legal practice, there’s never been a better time than the present.

But how exactly do you open the law office of your dreams? This guide will show you how to start your legal practice and help you stand out from your competition.

Here’s what you’ve got to do:

What Are Your Goals?

Your first step is to consider what you wish to achieve with your law firm. For example, do you wish to offer different legal services?

Let’s suppose you’re a business lawyer. Do you want to help clients register their companies? Would you prefer to help them draft business contacts?

You may want to offer both services. You’ll also have to consider how many clients you wish to take.

Some law firms are happy to take on hundreds of clients each year.

Other law firms will want to work with a few cases each year and charge higher prices.

Take your time to consider your goals. Once you do, you can prepare your business plan. The next step is to get your finances in order.

Financing A Law Firm

Financing A Law Firm

The next step is to ensure you have enough funds to run your legal practice. You’ll have to estimate your regular expenses and account for emergency expenses.

For example, you can run your law firm from your personal residence. This is the default option for many new legal practices.

You might need to rent an office if you need to hire one or more legal assistants. Find the smallest office possible for a new legal practice to save costs.

For example, rather than choosing an office that has a bathroom, choose one in a building with public restrooms.

This is a simple decision to cut down on major costs such as electricity and water bills.

Next, you’ll have to calculate the cost of paying employees. You’ll have to check your state’s local laws regarding minimum wage.

You’ll also have to consult an accountant whether you can hire legal assistants as employees or contractors. Estimating your tax burden is also crucial.

Once you’ve determined the cost, you must decide how to earn your income.

Charging Your Clients

As a newcomer, you’ll need help finding new clients. This is where many new lawyers make huge mistakes by selling themselves short.

Don’t sell your services at a discount to get a few clients signed up. If you sell yourself short initially, you’ll gain a reputation for being a “cheap” lawyer.

For some services, you can charge a flat fee. For example, you might charge $500 for preparing a contract. Or you’ll charge $100 for a one-hour consultation.

There are also times when you’ll want to charge recurring fees. Let’s say you are an intellectual property lawyer.

You might have a client who creates content each month. They’ll want you to register a copyright for their content each month. You can then charge them a monthly fee for this service.

How do you determine how much you charge for these services? You’ll have to estimate how long it’ll take you to complete the work.

Let’s presume it’ll take five hours per month to register a copyright for your client. How much do you wish to charge your client for five hours of work?

Additionally, will you work or delegate this to a legal assistant? If it’s the latter, charge extra to cover labor costs and earn a decent profit.

Finally, you’ll also need to calculate expenses for your services. You might need to pay user fees to register a copyright. You might need to buy paper for preparing contracts.

Make sure you calculate all associated costs before charging your clients.

Law Firm Marketing

Law Firm Marketing

Once you’ve registered your law firm and opened your doors, you’ve got to find clients to come in. Law firm marketing is something you’ll have to work on daily.

An essential part of law firm marketing is to have a great SEO strategy. You must hire professional legal SEO services to help your law firm rank higher in search engines.

Social media platforms like Instagram are also great for promoting your law firm and services. You can create posts where you can list what services you offer.

You can use the reels or story function to discuss these services in greater detail.

Likewise, you can use LinkedIn to network with other lawyers and potential clients.

LinkedIn also lets you write long blog posts. You can use this to write relevant content for your field of law.

You can even become a YouTube star to discuss your legal services! Devin Stone of Legal Eagle, Bruce Rivers, and countless other lawyers have promoted their services via their YouTube channels.

As your legal practice grows, you must also make yourself known in the industry. Contact law-related podcasts to ask if you can make a guest appearance.

Podcast interviews are a great way to promote your services. It also helps bring credibility to your law firm.

Let’s return to the previous example of Devin Stone and Bruce Rivers.

Because of their YouTube channels and podcast interviews, they’ve stood out in their field. For American legal education, Devin Stone is seen as an authority. To understand American criminal law, Bruce Rivers is the man!

This is because they’ve put themselves in the spotlight. It would help if you did the same for your legal practice.

Start The Law Firm Of Your Dreams

Now you know what it takes to start the law firm of your dreams!

Start by deciding your goals. Focus on what services you want to offer and how many clients you’d like to work with.

Next, you need to determine your expenses. This will also help you decide how much to charge your clients. Work aggressively with law firm marketing to stand out from the competition.

Ready to start your law firm? Be sure to read our other legal tips first.

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