Are you an online marketer or web content developer? Then you know for a fact that keywords are very important when it comes to making your web content relevant and wanted. It is also reasonable to say that everyone who has a blog or website wants to rank at the top of these search engines. Therefore, for your content to be ranked among the most prominent in the online marketing arena, you must work your magic around certain keywords.

Truth be told, everyone that uses the internet types certain keywords or phrases on the search engines. But the fundamental question is how the search engines rank the websites and blogs. Well, there are some confidential calculations referred to as algorithms that are used by search engines to determine ranking. The algorithms are reliable and fair basically because they are periodically changed to ensure that every website that deserves a top ranking gets that fair and square.

However, the process is not as easy as it seems. For you to be able to generate keyword rich-content, you must first understand what keywords are. In simple words, keywords are definite phrases that internet users use to search for sites that cater to their needs. For example, if an internet user uses the phrase ‘dental care’, he/she is in search of websites that offer dental and oral hygiene care. The owner of the website should then generate content with ‘dental care’ as one of the keywords. This keyword is what will push the content to the top ranks of search engines like Google and Yahoo.

The trick, however, is not only in the use of keywords but also keeping an eye on your competitors. Thanks to, you can spy on your competitors and find out what keywords they use to market their websites. Then using those keywords, you can come up with phrases that your potential web visitors could think of.

The importance of Keywords

  • Keywords make the articles on the internet more marketable. The more the articles become wanted, the more traffic you get on your website and the more sales you make.
  • When internet users type a phrase that you have used as a keyword on the search engine, your webpage will appear. The goal behind it all is to make that internet user click on your article, read it and if the article is convincing, the user will then click on your website for more.
  • Keywords make your niche topics more appropriate and your content more attention-grabbing. Without these keywords, no internet user will waste time on your content and no search engine will rank you.

Quick Tip

Your keywords will be of no good if your content is not of value. As much as keywords will help you get good ranking, you might also miss the opportunity due to information that is irrelevant to the website. Therefore, to attract the search engines, your content must be relevant to your website, must be keyword-rich and above all, useful to the readers.


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