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How Has New Technology Helped Modern Businesses Improve?

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New Technology

Technology plays a massive role in all our lives, and this is certainly true for any modern business. Even the smallest company now uses standard technology like emails and the internet on a daily basis. This is easy to understand when you see the benefits it can have in terms of productivity, efficiency, and customer service.

Although some of the most commonly seen business tech has been around for a while, recent years have seen some fresh examples being used by contemporary firms to improve. But what are some of the best examples of this?

Online Learning Tech For Staff

Although it can be easy to focus on the platforms and software which have helped modern businesses grow, it is perhaps more interesting to think about the influence of online learning technology.

This is having a major impact on education and in turn, a big impact on companies which students work for. Distance-learning courses make it a lot more accessible to study a business course now, and this means more companies are benefitting from staff who enroll in them.

Whether it is completing academic courses on their own time or with the backing of work, online learning sees employees using what they pick up to drive organizations forward.

A good example of this kind, of course, is the Doctor of Business Administration program at Aston University. As an online qualification, this is open to people on a global scale and means you complete lessons/seminars over the internet.

It is a course designed for those looking to work at an executive level and arms students with high-level business knowledge to help companies succeed.

Online learning technology has also enabled companies to educate staff more effectively via in-house training. The latest online training platforms, for example, enable employees to complete mandatory training, develop new skills for their role and develop professionally. This is naturally great for employers and sees them develop a more highly skilled workforce over time.

1. Video conferencing

Video conferencing

Another great example of new tech which has helped modern companies improve is the video conferencing platform. Whether it is Zoom, Google Meet or MS Teams, these powerful pieces of technology really have made a big splash in the last few years. But why is this, and how have the best video conferencing options for business sparked positive change in the commercial world?

In simple terms, it all comes down to how video conferencing has fostered better communication between colleagues. These platforms are very easy to use and enable you to have a direct conversation with other people whom you can actually see. As a result, they make it much easier to communicate effectively with colleagues, share ideas and talk over plans to stimulate business growth.

In addition, video conferencing tech helps to bring employees closer together by making it easy to contact one another. This helps companies improve their workplace culture and helps foster better teamwork overall. If you also think about how enterprise mobile apps can boost workplace culture, both approaches can be combined to make a big change in any company.

You also have to factor in that this kind of tech makes it much easier and more cost-effective to run/attend meetings. This helps businesses improve by cutting back on wasted time traveling to meetings and also enables everyone to attend who needs to.

2. Live chat support

Live chat support

This is another very good example of fresh technology which has driven positive change in modern organizations. Live chat does this by boosting the level of support you offer customers and giving them a more convenient way to contact you.

For businesses looking to further enhance operational efficiency, especially in retail or service sectors, Smartpay EFTPOS hire services offer a flexible and cost-effective solution to manage transactions during peak periods or special events. It is certainly a step from people having to wait in a long phone queue or send an email that might not get a response for a few days!

But how does it actually work? As with much of the new technology businesses now use to get better, it is an online innovation.

Live chat platforms are installed on company websites and customers are able to get in touch directly from the website itself. When they have a query, customers simply click the live chat box (usually found at the bottom of the screen) and type in their query. Customer service agents pick this up and then communicate online via the live chat platform to resolve the issue.

3. Cloud computing

Cloud computing

Although you could mention AI and machine learning, it is also fair to say that cloud computing has helped lots of businesses improve recently. For those who don’t know, cloud computing takes the key services/software companies to rely on and puts them online in an on-demand format. By bringing AI servers to the cloud, businesses can seamlessly integrate intelligent automation, data analysis, and predictive capabilities into their operations, fostering innovation and efficiency in ways previously unimaginable.

It offers firms a new way to approach things like data storage and has really taken off lately on a global scale. Good examples of cloud computing services include Microsoft 365 and Amazon Web Services.

But how has this tech seen positive change for the companies who use it? One major plus is the savings it brings. Moving your IT set-up into the cloud, for example, means you no longer have to spend money on in-house servers or to maintain key IT hardware.

The money saved can then be re-invested into the business to improve the general working environment or to hire more staff to improve service.

The other major way cloud computing can help companies get better is the flexibility it brings. As cloud services can be accessed from any device, anywhere, they eliminate the need for staff to actually come into the office.

This can help field staff always have the latest information to hand when dealing with customers and help businesses recruit the best talent to grow with. Many people now, for example, look to work from home and will only choose companies that offer this opportunity.

New Technology Is Key For Any Modern Business

Whether it is used to upskill the workforce, attract the best talent or ramp up customer service, it is clear that the latest tech can be a positive thing for any company. The best modern firms understand this and are constantly keeping an eye out for the best tech to grow with. As time moves on, it is likely that this will only become more common across the corporate world.

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