Keep These 6 Tips In Mind When Negotiating With An Insurance Company

First things first, insurance companies are what they claim to be, whether they’re in Florida or any other city. As Florida is a no-fault state, drivers are expected to have auto insurance. Driving without auto insurance is illegal in Florida. One must procure vehicle insurance from a reputable insurance company.

When you’re involved in a car accident, you can approach your insurance company for compensation. But if the injuries are severe, you’ll have to approach the at-fault party’s insurance company. This is where the trouble starts. Insurance adjusters, the agents of insurance companies, have a job to do, and they too have targets. Their goal is not to compensate you.

Insurance companies advertise to help people in their time of need. In reality, all they do is worsen the situation. They make it as hard as possible for the victims to claim compensation. At times like this, you have to visit this Florida personal injury law firm or other similar ones to get fair compensation.

Lawyers can protect you from insurance companies. Speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer to learn more about how they can help you obtain fair compensation.

The Three-D Strategy Negotiate With Your Insurance Company

Before diving into the tips for negotiation, learn how insurance companies cheat accident victims. They follow something called the three D strategy. The three Ds stand for:

  • Deny
  • Delay
  • Defend

Patience is important when claiming compensation. Insurance companies will try many different cheap strategies, and you need to endure all that.

Six Tips For Negotiation

Negotiating with the insurance company is torture. They are not going to agree to a fair settlement on their own. You have to force them. Follow these 6 tips when negotiating with an insurance company:

  • Don’t accept the first offer
  • Hire a lawyer and let them speak for you
  • Understand the full extent of your losses
  • Factor in the non-economic losses
  • Present the evidence you have collected
  • Do not admit fault

Do Accept The First Offer

Never accept the first offer made by the insurance company. Again, the insurance companies’ goal is to lowball you. So their offer will be much lower than your actual losses.

You might be tempted to accept the offer due to your immediate needs. But don’t do it. Instead, counter their offer.

Hire A Lawyer  And Let Them Speak For You With Insurance Company

Do not attempt to deal with the insurance company on your own. They are experts at what they do. Cheating you is a child’s play for them. So hire an experienced lawyer.

Lawyers for insurance companies are like garlic for vampires. Insurance companies are repelled by lawyers because they know they can’t cheat them. So let your lawyer speak for you.

Understand The Full Extent Of Your Losses

Not knowing the full extent of your damages can hurt your case to a great extent. It is not possible to obtain fair compensation when you don’t know what is fair.

There are chances of settling for less compensation when you don’t know your losses. So before the negotiation process begins, calculate your losses. Factor in all the expenses you incurred as a result of the accident. Also, don’t forget to consider non-economic losses.

Factor In Non-Economic Losses

In general, an Insurance company will not consider your non-economic losses. It is best to ask for justification whenever the insurance company makes an offer. With this, you can understand what damages they have included and what they left out.

Use the multiplier method or per-diem method to calculate your non-economic losses.

Factor In Non-Economic Losses 

Present The Evidence You Have Collected

Speak facts. It is better not to speculate about something. Gather evidence and present it to the insurance company. With evidence, you can prove the negligence of the defendant and the losses you have suffered.

Your lawyer will help in the evidence-gathering department too. They will have connections with private investigators who can investigate and collect evidence.

Do Not Admit Fault

When negotiating, in the heat of the moment, you might say things that you don’t mean. That is exactly what insurance companies want. They will use anything you say against you.

So saying things like “I’m sorry” can ruin your case. Another reason why you should let your lawyer speak for you.

Final Thoughts

The most important tip out of the six is to hire a lawyer. Lawyers know what to say and what not to say. Letting them handle your case is the best thing you can do.

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