Myths Of Modular Construction [Exploded]

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Modular construction has proven itself to be a faster, versatile way of making your dream come true. Despite being a high-quality building, many of them out there have several myths of modular construction.

Myths Of Modular Construction


Modular constructions are made with the same material that is being used on the onsite construction. you can think this like ready-made houses that are made in the factory.

Let go into more detail and look into the matter on what this myth is all about.

1. Modular means it is temporary

It depends on the viewer how he/she see the modular construction. Yes, modular construction is indeed made for a temporary solution. But have you ever thought that these constructions are constructed in the same way as the other construction is made?

modular are temporary solution

You just change the process but the material remains the same. The material remains the same, the only difference is that the become off-site. Rather than saying construction, you can say that it is a kind of production.

This means that there no chance of poor weather conditions which can affect the construction. Which later on can be a big issue.

2. Modular are just grey boxes

It is not deniable that the modular constructions are like grey boxes. As they are made room wise, it is needed that they either remain in the form of a rectangular box or the form of a square box. But it is due to that they can be put together to form one complete masterpiece of work.

modular are just grey boxes

While making on-site building many steel frames are used in making the houses. If they are not making you nervous about the strength of the construction then why a modular building is not being trusted.

Let’s consider that you have a place where you want to build a house. But the location of the place is out of the reach of all that equipment which is needed to do on-site construction. In this regard, modular construction can be a viable choice for you to make. Only once you have to make hustle to shift the ready-made rood and to fix them. But that hustle is only once.

It is the best process to make your house in the given time without any overhead expenses. Modular construction is becoming an advancer day by day. With the releases of technologies every day, it is making the modular quite famous among the folks.

If you are working on complicated projects and want to know the tips and tricks that can help you save money on overhead expenses.

3. Inflexible in design and restrictive aesthetics

One of the biggest criticism modular construction get is that the building made by the modular construction is not very designed flexibly. It lacks the perks which are needed in the construction. That is not the case.

Many award-winning constructions are made with the help of modular construction.

A multi-award-winning school building in the Brecon Beacons National Park – built using modular construction.

The best part of modular construction is that you can extend the traditionally built building with modular construction. It is quite useful for those buildings which have compact spaces around itself. With the help of this process, you can easily add floors to the required building.

These schemes can be expanded without decanting. If there is a school building and you want to expand it. Worry not with the help of you can expand it without damaging the school property. The extension can be done horizontally as well as vertically.

The perk of this method is that you can easily dismantle the construction if there is a change in the spaces.

4. Have weak and bouncy floors

Many people think that if several floors are made with help of modular construction then the floors will be weak and bouncy. For this is a misconception, many people think that it can be highly dangerous to leave in a house with weak floors. But, let me tell you one this these people who claim that the floors are bouncy and have weak construction, have never tried a modular house to live in.

People don’t understand that this modular construction used the same material that is being used on onsite. A good company will never fraud their customer by giving them a low quality of work.

5. Modular buildings are poor Insulators

Insulation is the major factor in making a house good and comfortable to live in. the last thing people will want to have a house with bad quality insulation system. While making a modular building, the company takes good care of this system.

modular have poor insulators

Modular constructions are done with the use of modern technologies. This insulation part also comes under this. New and advanced methods are used to insulate this construction. They are made to achieve the targeted U value for the insulation.

6. Modular construction is a cheaper solution.

You must have heard that modular construction is a cheap solution. Well, this criticism comes from the critics only who have changed the word from cost-effective to the cheaper solution.

This construction is more than a cheap solution. This is the best cost-effective way to construct a building that can outclass traditional buildings.

Modular constructions reduce overhead expenses and are made in a controlled factory environment. This reduces the chances of weathering (which was used to be a common thing about on-site construction).

As it is made in a controlled environment, so there is no budget overrun or delays. This makes the cost of construction less.


Well, it is quite natural for people to be not sure about modular construction. As it is a new way of doing things now. We have quite a history of adopting new things. But, adopting takes time.

I know that in the upcoming future, Modular construction will outshine the traditional construction. the technology is improving day by day, you can hope to see more perfected modular constructions. If you are thinking about the disadvantages of modular homes, then give rest to those kinds of thoughts because it does not have any.

Even if you have any miss conception regarding the Modular construction, you can learn more from here.

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