7 Myths about Intense Motorbike Riders

Myths about Intense Motorbike Riders

Two-wheelers or bikes are a preferred option for quick commuting in our country. They are extremely easy to maneuver and are lightweight, which makes them durable for traveling. Two-wheelers are also optimal for women to travel comfortably. Many people rely heavily on their two-wheelers to remove their dependency on public transport.

Apart from two-wheeler owners who use their bikes for utility, another group solely owns bikes and motorcycles for the sheer pleasure of riding them. They are called bikers. Bikers are those who own bikes only to satisfy their passion for riding bikes. However, many myths and rumors surround the whole ‘biker’’ culture in the country.

When any of us hear the word ‘biker’, we instantly think of an individual wearing a dark leather jacket, tattoos, glares, and a fierce look on the face. This mental image is perpetuated by the portrayal of bikers in Hollywood movies and American television series. The reality of the situation is entirely different. Let’s debunk some of the myths about bikers among the general public.

Debunking Some ‘Biker Culture’ Myths

Debunking Some ‘Biker Culture’ Myths

 Myth 1: Bikers constantly perform illegal stunts

Bike riders have a passion for adventure. They are attracted by the sheer joy of riding a bike, enjoying its performance, traveling long distances, and discovering new places and cultures. Some bikers like to test their own endurance and that of their bikes under difficult conditions like hilly terrain, harsh weather, bad roads, etc.

They also blaze a trail of popular road drives between destinations. For instance, the road trail to Leh in Ladakh is a popular one for bikers in India. Yet they always ride responsibly with adequate precautions.

Myth 2: Bikers are criminals

Some anti-social elements take the pretext of biking to indulge in illegal racing, creating nuisance on the roads, etc. However, genuine bike riders are law-abiding and ride with proper documentation and follow the rules.

Myth 3: All bikers have tattoos

A tattoo is a personal choice. It has nothing to do with being a biker. Most bikers are fitness enthusiasts and would like to project a certain image and therefore use a tattoo, while there are other bikers who do not like tattoos at all. Having a tattoo is not a must for bikers and the myth has been projected only in movies.

Myth 4: Bikers are not pleasant people

Bikers are generally nice but they face a regular risk of being waylaid and their belongings being stolen. Therefore, they are wary of becoming too friendly. Further, the physical strain of riding long distances could make them tired and withdrawn.

Myth 5:  Bikers are part of gangs

Bikers join with like-minded individuals and often go on trips as a group. This does not mean they are gangs who create nuisance and trouble others on the road. Most biker clubs have people who like to travel and enjoy the trips.

Myth 6: All bikers have expensive bikes

Bikers have a passion for riding. But they need not necessarily ride expensive bikes. In fact,  many riding clubs are formed by enthusiasts of different brands, often mid-range bikes or sports bikes.

 Myth 7: Bikers do not insure their bikes

Bikers absolutely love their bikes. They ride with as many precautions as possible. This involves getting bike insurance for their bikes. Bikers understand that they put themselves and their bikes at risk with the heightened number of hours spent on the road. This is why they get two-wheeler insurance. Through the two-wheeler vehicle insurance, they can ride peacefully, knowing their prized possession will be safe in case of an unfortunate event.

While insurance is an important necessity for bikers, they are equally important for non-bikers as well. If you own a two-wheeler, you must make sure you get a decent insurance policy for the bike. With the whole world moving online, many insurers have launched their websites.

You can now buy bike insurance online from the comfort of your home. Many insurers provide different features and tools like the two-wheeler insurance premium calculator, bike policy renewal on their website. For instance, you can carry out the TATA AIG bike insurance claim online by visiting their official website.

Summing up

Bikers love riding their bikes for the pleasure of riding. However, many rumors and myths are circulating about the biker culture. The reality is the opposite of what people generally think.

Some commonly asked questions about bikers:

Some commonly asked questions about bikers:

1. Why do bikers wave at other bikers?

When bikers wave at each other, it is generally a method of saying hello to someone. Waving at other bikers is simply what the biker does to acknowledge a similar individual with a shared passion.

2. What are some stereotypes of motorcycle riders?

Some of the stereotypes about motorcycle riders are that they are rude, have a lot of tattoos, do not have a job, indulge in criminal activities, etc. The reality of the situation is very different.

3. How dangerous is it really to ride a motorcycle?

Riding a motorcycle can be a bit dangerous, as the rider is more exposed compared to a car. Along with this, superbikes can lead to a lot of accidents because of their speed and power. However, experience with biking can help in reducing the danger.

4. Why is green a bad color for bikers?

It is believed that riding green motorcycles are unlucky, as many bikers in the past who drove green bikes died in race crashes or accidents.

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