Find Out What Is Miradore, A Brief Review

Technology BY Shahanawaz Jul 07, 2023
Find Out What Is Miradore

The simplest way of managing your data, apps, emails, and other valuable digital credentials is through better device management. Thanks to Miradore, it will be even easier from now on.

Miradore is a cloud-based software that allows users to manage their PC and Desktops. Whether you want it for personal usage or your company, it helps to know about the key features Miradore offers.

So, I have reviewed different components of this platform and its features in this article. Go through this article if you want to know about Miradore and its use cases.

What Is MDM Software?

What Is MDM Software_

Before I tell you what Miradore is, it is necessary to know about MDM. MDM, or Mobile Device Management, is an IT solution allowing the IT department of any corporation to control, automate, and secure administrative policies across different devices.

Such devices include desktops, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and more. This IT solution ensures the maximum support of device and organizational functionality. It also provides tight security while ensuring the flexibility of devices in use. Miradore is one of the most used MDM software out there.

What Is Miradore?

As I said above, Miradore is a cloud-based MDM software. It allows device management across different operating systems like Windows, Android, Software, and MacOS. The software ensures easy implementation and security requirements are met at all the mobile endpoints.

Also, the software is cloud-based, so you need not install any software. It automatically stores data on the cloud storage, making it easier for the users. The best thing about this MDM is its compatibility. Users can use it across different platforms, such as – Windows Active Directory Servers (AD), Open Directory servers of Mac OS X Server, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange Email Servers, etc.

Miradore Features

Miradore Features

MDMs come with some common features. Miradore offers most of them while also offering ease of use, a user-friendly interface, safety, and more. Go through the features sections to find out more about its features –

Ease Of Use

Let’s start with what matters the most – ease of use. It is not difficult to get started with Miradore. The UI is clear and simple, and the software is cloud-based, making operability and ease its dominating feature. You can manage settings and check device inventory through your device. On top of that, you can use it while traveling by car or flight.

Cloud-Based MDM

Miradore Comes as a browser-based UEM solution. Meaning you do not need to install it locally and store the data on your device. Users can simply administer their needs with the software, thanks to it being a cloud-based one. It also offers freedom of use and a sense of ownership to the users.

Also, its smooth operability allows one person to handle the task of multiple if handled manually. It is ideal for BYOD as well since users need no license per person, OS, or device.

Wide Access & Simple Data Transfer

Now share the data with your clients, employees, coworkers, and business partners and access different essential tools for other employees. The platform allows the easy creation of User groups through which you can share contacts, apps, devices, and more. You can even customize permissions for each of the users and the groups.

Device & Data Security

Yes, you can share data across different users and different device endpoints through Miradore. Does that mean your security is compromised? Obviously no. As a cloud-based MDM, Miradore offers efficient security features helping users to encrypt devices and enforce passcodes. You can also create a secure container for your work data. If a device gets lost, you can remotely lock and wipe the data on it remotely.

Device Settings & Restrictions

You can easily manage the device settings and restrictions with configuration profiles. Some necessary facets– like enforcing the use of passcodes and encryption, can be made possible. You can also limit data roaming and blacklist or whitelist different web pages. You can even set the device to kiosk mode.

App & Content Management

Application and content management allows you to hand the right software to the right hand. With it, you can deploy, remove, blacklist, or whitelist apps and control software licenses. If you are

Remote Support

You might want to offer more hands-on support for the device users in your firm. That is when the remote assistance session comes in handy. You can access remote assistance sessions with a TeamViewer integration directly from Miradore.

Miradore Pros & Cons

There are both pros and cons to using this platform to manage your company devices remotely. Here are some of the pros and cons you should be aware of –


  • The platform is compatible with both iOS and Android OS.
  • Remotely control all your company devices.
  • The alarm feature is available in case there are any
  • Keep all of your documents and devices safe and sound.
  • Increased level of productivity. Avoid the installation and usage of non-corporate apps.
  • Real-time locations of devices if needed.


  • The documentation users get from Miradore is very simple and basic.
  • The free versions of the Miradore MDM do not have complete functionality.
  • There is zero warning when installing as a device admin. You need to do a factory reset to remove Miradore.

Miradore Pricing

Miradore Pricing

Miradore’s pricing plans look genuinely simple and easy to understand to most Users. It is a mix of both flat and flexible pricing. There is a free plan you can use if you are looking for a trial. However, the free plan does not offer a full suite of what the MDM is all about.

There is a Premium package and a Premium for Partners Package. The Premium package comes at a price of $137.50/mo. On top of that, users have to pay $2.75 per device.

The Premium for Partners package does not have flat pricing. Users have to contact the sales team of Miradore to get a pricing quotation. All of the plans have different sets of features, the availability of which vary from plan to plan.

Bottom Line

The world of business and corporate has moved towards a digitized framework long ago. Remote work is globally normalized, creating the need for a good MDM. Small and medium-sized businesses can keep their data safe using the MDMs like Miradore.

In this article, I have covered most of the features and pros and cons, and pricing. Going through this should help you decide whether Midradone is good for your business or not.However, if you have any additional queries, do follow us up. We are more than happy to answer to you. Thank you for reading.

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