What Role Marketing Consultant Play In Business Development?

Marketing BY Mashum Apr 04, 2021
Marketing Consultant

A lot of marketers have a misconception that in order to be a successful marketer, you have to ride the ladder of the corporate world as a full-time employee. But very few know that there is another great opportunity is waiting for them, that is being a marketing consultant. 

The demand for a marketing consultant is rising day by day. Apart from the small firms that can not invest much to hire a full-time marketer, the companies with a dedicated marketing team also sometimes need the advice of a marketing consultant.

Here we will talk about the job role of a marketing consultant for business development.

What Is Marketing Consultant?

What is marketing consultant

A marketing consultant of a company is responsible for identifying the most appropriate message, defying the marketing strategies, and also executing those strategies for business. 

In order to understand the marketing needs of the company, a marketing consultant also study the company profile and operations. And after that, for understanding the market trends along with commercial opportunities, they also conduct marketing research. 

Marketing consultant needs to stay up to date with the latest social media marketing, direct response marketing, and online marketing. Those are especially important for a digital marketing consultant. 

When To Hire A Marketing Consultant

Hire A Marketing Consultant

It does not matter whether you are operating a small business without any marketing experts or running a large one that has a dedicated marketing team; you can always take advice from a marketing consultant. When you are hiring a marketing or sales consultant from a marketing firm, you can expect the following things.

  • Get the expertise and specialized skills that a business lacks.
  • To internal challenges can offer an external viewpoint.
  • Bring out a new perspective on marketing strategies and customers. 
  • Allowing a business to focus on overall operations and product development.

How To Be A Marketing Consultant?

How To Be A Marketing Consultant

Becoming a marketing consultant is not too easy, but at the same time, it is not that hard as well. But in order to be a marketing consultant, you need to have some basic educational qualifications and also some specialized skills. So let’s get some idea about that.

Qualification Requirements For Being A Marketing Consultant

Qualification Requirements For Being A Marketing Consultant

As I have mentioned earlier that in order to be a marketing consultant, you have to pursue a minimum educational qualification. And it includes earning a degree. Here are the requirements. 

  • An undergraduate degree in business, marketing, or communications.
  • If possible, an MBA with a focus on marketing.
  • An excellent portfolio, which will show a history of making success.
  • Several years of experience as a full-time corporate marketer.
  • The expertise of a specific niche, or working experience in a wide range of industries.
  • Strong communications and copywriting skills.
  • Marketing expertise in social media, SEO, content, PPC, lead generation, and some more.
  • Confident enough with your skills, and always ready to defend your work.
  • Strong PowerPoint, Excel, Microsoft Office, and Salesforce skills.
  • A proper understanding of tactics versus strategy. A strategy is basically a plan of action in order to achieve a goal. On the other hand, a tactic is a particular action that is a part of implementing the strategy. 

For you, here is the difference between strategy and planning. 

                            Strategy                                  Tactic
  • It is the planning.
  • It is more large scale.
  • Strategy is all about why.
  • It is difficult to copy any strategy.
  • It requires a long time frame.
  • It is the doing.
  • It is a smaller scale.
  • The tactic is all about how.
  • The tactic can be easily copied.
  • A short time frame is enough here. 
  • A marketing consultant also should have professionalism, leadership skills, along with a motivated attitude.
  • Must have the ability to listen and emphasize. 

Establish Your Image Or Reputation

Developing and earning the above-mentioned skills are not enough for becoming a successful marketing consultant. You also need to develop a reputation in the market. If you can not build or earn the trust you are never going to get the clients that you are looking for: your website testimonials, LinkedIn recommendation. 

A client will expect three things from you, and they are 

  1. You will deliver the work within the proper time limit. 
  2. Your worth is more than what you are charging them, and lastly. 
  3. In case they contact you, you will offer a clear and timely response. 

These will ensure that you are earning their trust.

Continue To Educate Yourself

Having a marketing degree and a couple of certifications will never be enough if one wants to continue riding the ladder of success. Being a marketing consultant one needs to learn continuously and upgrade your skills.

The marketing trends are evolving on a regular basis. So, in order to serve your clients with the best services, you need to upgrade yourself and your skills as per that.

What Does A Marketing Consultant Do?

The job role of the marketing consultant differs on the basis of the company they are working for and also the particular project or operation. But generally, it involves advising businesses or companies on the best way in order to reach customers. 

The responsibilities of a marketing consultant are huge. At the same time, they need to analyze, strategize, plan, and implement strategies. 

Responsibilities Of A Marketing Consultant

Here are the responsibilities that a marketing consultant needs to look after. 

  • In order to identify industry trends and also commercial opportunities, they need to conduct market research.
  • According to the requirements and budget, marketing consultants also develop and implement marketing strategies. 
  • For understanding the company’s marketing needs, studying company profile and operations.
  • Both with the in house teams and vendors, a marketing consultant have to develop and nurture long term relationship. 
  • With the most effective tools and methods, giving direction to marketing efforts.
  • While looking for the emerging trends a marketing consultant also needs to share best practices insights and knowledge. 
  • Finally, executing strategic tasks and monitoring the result. 


So, in case you are planning to start your career being a marketing consultant, start developing your skills in different marketing ways. You just can not limit your skills to only one specialization. Spread your skills as much as you can. 

Mashum Mollah is a digital marketing analyst, SEO consultant and enthusiastic internet marketing blogger. He is very much passionate about social media and he is the founder Social Media Magazine.

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