7 Simple Ways To Manage Your Finances

Finance BY Arnab Jul 07, 2022
Manage Your Finances

Managing our finances seems like the most important yet most daunting task. Unfortunately, like most problems we face daily, financial problems are one we absolutely can’t- and mustn’t- procrastinate on. They’ll only pile up and become a formidable burden later on.

Nobody wants an inept financial management system to dampen their retirement plans and change their lifestyle for the worst. So, without further ado,

This article tells you about seven simple ways you can manage your finances to avoid that possibility.

Let’s Checkout Some Simple Ways To Manage Your Finances:

1. Hire a Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor

Hiring a financial advisor may seem like an extravagant move reserved only for the wealthy, but in reality, it’s not. Financial Advisors are available at different pay rates, fitting your budget and requirements.

They are professionals who know the market and can guide you best on how to profitably spend your money.

Not only does a Financial Advisor keep a record of all your past transactions, but they can also analyze them for mistakes and prevent you from making them again. They also devise ways for you to legally evade heavy and unnecessary taxation on your estate so that your beneficiaries only remember you in good faith.

If you feel (and don’t we all?) that our financial management needs improvement and that expert advice is needed, consider hiring a Financial Advisor.

2. Have a will

While death is depressing to think about, it is the ultimate destination for everyone. After death comes the division of your estate and possessions. A will allows you to exercise your wishes, even beyond the grave.

These days, you can even make a will online from the comfort of your home. These services allow you to scrupulously explore every aspect of your will, receive online consultations from lawyers and ensure your will is crystal clear and there is no chance of heated conflict over it.

If you don’t want your hard-earned money and property to end up in the wrong hands, and wish to have a hassle-free and fair division of your assets amongst your beneficiaries, then you must have a will.

3. Make a credit report

credit report

Simply put, a credit report is a document that takes into account all your debts and creditors. With a credit report, you are more informed of your financial incapacitations and hence can make better decisions to reduce them.

Debts are a financial plague- they affect your bank balance long-term. If you want to get rid of it fast and come out of the experience pain-free, making a credit report should ideally be the first step.

Afterward, you can think about which repayment method to use; snowball, avalanche, or debt consolidation.

4. Budget

Without a solid budget to keep you on track, losing track of expenses is very easy. Therefore, it is indispensable to have a realistic and strict budget.

In the budget, you must list all your expenditures, even the small and occasional ones you might consider insignificant. Next, identify all the unnecessary ones you can eliminate or at least hold off for a few more months. This will help you check your spending habits and save for the future.

You can also open an emergency fund on the side, so you don’t have to rely on taking out debt to cover unexpected contingencies.

5. Separate your needs and wants

financial prosperity

The line between need and want is not always easily distinguishable. That is why it is important to sit down and give this a good thought.

Is what you’re buying essential to keep you living, breathing, clothed, and socially presentable? If not, it’s likely an extra expense you want but doesn’t need.

Separating your needs and wants is important to reduce expenses, ruining your bank balance and future financial prosperity. It may be tempting to spend a lump sum amount on your hobbies or “retail therapy” every month, therefore challenging yourself to resist them.

Later, you can reward yourself with buying a desired non-essential once you’ve saved up more than enough to cover its cost.

6. Make small investments

Making small investments reduces the risk of incurring huge financial losses while quadrupling your earnings when it turns out to be successful.

Indeed a Financial Advisor would be more capable of advising you on the best investments to make. However, if you have the time and are willing to make an effort to do a thorough market survey, chances are you can handle small investments by yourself.

It is also a great lesson in finance for you if you plan on opening a side business later on and need to master the tools of the trade beforehand.

7. Have a retirement plan

retirement plan

How you plan on supporting yourself when you lose the day job after retirement is something you must plan on from now. This could be creating a will to mitigate family conflict over your estate and exercise your wishes for your beneficiaries or saving up for healthcare issues later on.

A retirement plan should cover all this and more. The points your retirement plan must cover:

  • Your earning source after retirement
  • How do you plan on dividing your estate
  • Which insurance policies you should apply for
  • Prepare for unforeseen medical expenses
  • Ample saving for rainy days

Planning for the future is a sign of success, so you mustn’t let this opportunity pass and start creating a retirement plan from the present. This will give you peace of mind as well as more time to make amends later on.


Managing finances is not an easy task for sure and a source of anxiety for many. To prevent your financial situation from taking a turn for the worst, it is better to start paying attention to it today.

While there are numerous ways of managing your finances, this article urges you to at least stick to the ones mentioned in this article including hiring a financial advisor, having a will, a retirement plan, and a credit report for your debts, as well as being frugal with spending on your wants.

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