How To Digitally Promote Your Los Angeles-Based Luxury Hotel To The Affluent

Real Estate BY Arnab Apr 04, 2023
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Back in 2019, the global luxury hotel market was valued at a little under $94 billion.

It was also expected that by the year 2027, this value would shoot up to $123.49 billion. Then, Covid happened. The world was brought to a standstill. Businesses, no matter how big or small, were struggling to survive, and since travel was restricted across the globe, the tourism sector took perhaps the biggest hit.

By the end of 2020, the luxury hotel market across the globe reached a value of $95 billion. The hotel industry was taking the hits of the restriction on tourism. Luxury hotels, especially, were finding it very hard to survive in the market. Not being able to withstand the market crisis, many of them ended up closing their doors forever.

Fast forward to 2021, and we had Covid vaccines. Case numbers were dropping, and the overall situation was also improving. More importantly, travel had resumed to some extent, and the global luxury hotel market ended up reaching a market value of $119.55 billion for that year. By 2028, this market is expected to hit the $238.49 billion mark.

It’s evident that despite all the adversities and the roadblocks along the way, the luxury hotel market has managed almost fully to recover from the Covid crisis. If anything, business is better than ever for many of these hotels, especially in Los Angeles, California, where the affluent often visit for work, business, leisure, and various other reasons. That’s why the luxury hotel competition in this part of the world is just as interesting and often difficult to take on.

The key to dominating the luxury hotel space in Los Angeles and becoming the number one choice of accommodation for the affluent visiting this part of California is to establish a proper and well-crafted digital presence. Once you can ensure this, your hotel will find itself on the top of all recommendation lists whenever the discussion is on the finest luxury hotels in LA. Here’s how you can ensure that.

Let People Visualize The Hotel Through Your Website

It’s 2023, and no one needs to tell you the importance of a responsive, user-friendly, and feature-enriched website for a luxury hotel business.

People should be able to visit your website, check out which rooms are available and on which dates, and book their desired rooms accordingly. Besides, the site for your luxury hotel should be easy to navigate such that people of all ages can easily explore the site and book their rooms.

These are all the basic stuff. What you can do to stand out from many of your competitors is include high-quality images of your rooms, lobbies, and other amenities or luxuries on your site.

Don’t just stop there, however, because your competitors will also try to do the same. Therefore, if you want your visitors to visualize the hotel through your website, include immersive virtual 3D visuals. That way, people using VR technology can actually visualize your luxury hotel in 3D.

The VR visualization will help people get a good idea regarding the scale of things at your luxury hotel. You can’t expect pictures to do that, no matter how high-quality they are. Adding this VR visualization feature to your site is a definitive way to outshine your competitors when it comes to websites.

Implement A Local Geo-Targeted SEO Strategy

A local geo-targeted search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can help elevate your digital marketing to the next level, especially if your brand strategy prioritizes dominating the local market. In this particular case, you can work with any one of the renowned internet marketing companies in Los Angeles and have them set your business up for localized success. That means, if done right, whenever people use search terms like “best luxury hotel in LA,” “LA luxury hotel,” “top luxury hotels in Los Angeles,” etc., your hotel will show up on the top of the search results.

A California-based luxury yacht rental service was able to witness the impact of a local geo-targeted SEO strategy firsthand. Working with the LA-based digital agency Avita Digital, the yacht rental service began implementing a local SEO strategy that targeted potential guests or customers in the California area. This, combined with a thorough Google Ads campaign handled by the same agency, helped the yacht rental service to improve their calls to action and overall conversion.

Expect the same for your luxury hotel. Local SEO has the power to make the place the most in-demand hotel in all of LA. Once that happens, whenever people are looking for luxurious hotels in this part of California, your hotel will always be positioned right at the top of their search results. Once you manage to interest potential guests with this approach, you simply need to reel them in with the facilities, amenities, offers, and other standout features of your hotel.

Keep Your Social Media Posts Classy

Social Media Posts

In an attempt to keep up with the latest internet trends, many businesses and brands resort to posting humor or meme content on their social media platforms and somehow find a way to connect those posts with their brands or products. This is an easy and effective way to gain social media traction. These posts don’t require a lot of thinking to understand, can entertain people, and, most importantly, are easy to digest.

However, meme content won’t look good on the social media handles of a luxury hotel. For you, the vibe should be classy. It doesn’t matter if you’re missing out on a few trends and good engagement numbers every now and then. You should uphold your standards, and that should reflect on your social media profiles.

Run pages for your LA-based luxury hotel on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Showcase your hotel’s restaurants and their menus as well. You should also highlight any event that you might be hosting at the hotel.

As for your call-to-action (CTA), you can use various offers and discount posts to appeal to your potential clients. What luxury hotels usually do is provide discounts for various banks and credit cards. You can use this opportunity to partner up with banks to provide similar facilities to your guests.

Keep An Eye On Your Online Reviews

For any hotel, luxury or not, online reviews matter the most. That’s because most people will decide on a hotel to stay in based on its reviews.

Most people use Tripadvisor and to find a hotel that matches their tastes. Therefore, it’s crucial that you pay extra attention to the reviews on these platforms. At the same time, you should also keep an eye on your Google Business reviews.

If you come across negative reviews, you need to address them. Ideally, if it’s a mistake on your end which resulted in the negative review, you reply to them about how unfortunate it was that they faced those circumstances and that you’ll look into them. On the other hand, if it’s a false review and the reviewer has no record of staying at your LA hotel, you mention that in the reply and highlight that it’s a misplaced review.

Either way, your active participation in such discussions is vital in keeping the conversation surrounding your luxury hotel going. Otherwise, your potential affluent clientele will not be interested in booking accommodation at your hotel because they’ll think that you don’t pay heed to the feedback you receive from your guests.

Promoting your LA-based luxury hotel to the affluent will, of course, be difficult. However, if you stick to the suggestions discussed above, you’ll have a comfortable time navigating these difficulties, at the end of which, you’ll be able to build a strong digital presence.

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