Keeping Your BMW In Excellent Condition


If you own a BMW, then you understand the importance of maintaining your car if you want to keep meeting the power and performance of the manufacturer. 

There are a recorded 1.94 million BMWs on the road in the UK, making them one of the country’s most popular car brands. As one of those car owners, read our tips for properly maintaining your BMW so you can keep it in excellent condition, even after 8-10 years on the road. 

Monitor The Exterior 

A maintenance routine is essential to keeping your BMW in good condition and your exterior is the first thing people see when it’s out on the road. Keeping it clean is the first thing you can do to make sure your car retains its good looks. Certain types of dirt can damage the paintwork so you should try to wash your BMW every one to two weeks. 

Examining the tyres and cleaning them regularly is also a must. Minor maintenance such as tire rotation, alloy cleaning, and wheel alignment can help extend the lifespan of your tires. Investing in premium models like Hankook tyres can save you time and inconvenience in the future while maintaining the car’s aesthetic. 

Interior Care 

Your interior needs to match the crisp and pristine exterior of your BMW to carry on the reputation of a luxury vehicle. Keeping your cabin clean and cared for will maximize your driving experience and keep your passengers comfortable. 

Learning how to deep clean your car interior like a pro can also help maintain the value of your vehicle. Spots and stains instantly diminish the quality and appearance of your BMW and debris or litter should be cleared away. BMWs often feature premium leather seating, and you can keep it looking showroom standard if you regularly treat it with a leather-cleaning solution. 

Interior Care 

Make Your Vehicle Tech Savvy 

Modernizing your BMW with a new bit of tech is a brilliant way to give your car a new lease on life, even if you have an older model. Wireless parking sensors are a useful gadget that you can fit yourself, without going through the trouble and cost of having it fitted professionally. 

Dash cameras are another nifty feature that documents your driving and can even lower your insurance premiums. Sat nav and Bluetooth car technology streamline your driving experience further, allowing you to stream music and receive live travel information. 

Preventing Damage

Keeping an eye underneath the hood can prevent irreparable damage from happening to the inner workings of your BMW. Getting a regular oil change and paying attention to all the fluid levels ensures that the car engine components are lubricated and functioning smoothly. This applies to transmission fluid, brake fluid, and liquid coolant. 

While your BMW’s engine is important, your brakes are essential to your safety so checking them should be a part of regular car maintenance. This is the key to ensuring road safety and keeping your BMW working as well as the day you purchased it. 

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