Keeping A Professional Reputation As A Freelancer

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For many people, being a freelancer fits in perfectly with their lifestyle. The freedom to work flexibly and on your own terms is invaluable to many.

Although the number of self-employed people in the UK dropped in 2020, trends show a steady rise year-on-year. Whether you freelance full-time or alongside another job, it’s important to maintain professional conduct when handling clients and your workload. You should be your own biggest advocate to ensure that pay and expectations are fair. Confidence is key in this space and so is trust when it comes to building and maintaining professional relationships.

Deliver High-Quality Work

Be sure to deliver your expertise and skills to the highest standard to help with client retention. Whether you’re a copywriter, a graphic designer or a consultant, you should put your all into your craft and showcase why you should be chosen over someone else. Exceeding client expectations will help you stand out from the crowd.

Be sure to charge your client correctly for the amount of time spent on a project. Time management is essential as a freelancer to ensure that you always meet deadlines. Compile feedback and testimonials from happy clients, too. This way, you can build a portfolio that will help to attract new clients.

Communicate Effectively

Maintaining good, clear communication will help you build a strong relationship with clients. Respond promptly while simultaneously managing expectations. Some clients might appreciate updates on the status of your project, while others may prefer to leave you to it, so make sure you are aware of what is expected of you.

Set Realistic Expectations

Transparency about deadlines, pay and other factors in freelancing is important for long-term success. Over-promising could only lead to burnout or an unhappy client, so balancing this is key. You should be open to any limitations that could compromise the delivery date. This way, the client will be more understanding of your capabilities over a given period.

Make sure you understand what is expected of you with each project you receive. Are there certain targets to meet? Is the brief clear enough for you to be able to meet client expectations?

Handle Feedback Gracefully

While some clients will provide positive feedback, others may ask for changes. This is why it’s important to outline expectations early doors so that any alterations to the end product can be factored into your commission.

Take feedback gracefully and with good nature. At the same time, don’t shy away from explaining why you may have done something a certain way, in case there has been a misunderstanding. Be comfortable with apologizing if necessary, although many also find it useful to consider professional indemnity insurance in case a dispute arises which could put your reputation at risk.

Maintain Professionalism Online And Offline

Social media can be a big part of marketing your services as a freelancer, especially when getting started. You can use it to showcase your abilities to attract prospects – but it’s important to maintain a professional online presence while you do so.

Navigating social media gives you the chance to position yourself as an expert in a given field by sharing educational tips and industry updates. It can also help you to network, whether virtually or through in-person networking events advertised on the platform. You might consider social media training to maximize your potential on these platforms.


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