Jury Found Google To Have An Illegal Monopoly On App Store

Epic win Jury decides Google has illegal monopoly in app store fight

A jury in San Francisco found that Google has an illegal monopoly on the App Store, and it has stifled its competition in many ways. The court will now decide what fixes the company requires at the moment. However, it also seems that different appeals might delay the impact of the judgment for years.

According to Wired.com,

Google violated California and federal antitrust laws through deals that stifled competition for its Play mobile app store, a jury in San Francisco unanimously found today. The verdict delivers the first significant US courtroom loss for big tech in the years-long campaign by rivals, regulators, and prosecutors to tame the power of internet gatekeepers.”

Currently, the lawsuit against Google is in the remedies phase. This means that a judge will hear arguments about the case. After that, the judge will decide whether there are changes necessary in Google’s best practices.

The court might make Google allow the download of rival app stores from the Play Store. Apart from that, the court might also force Google to share a greater portion of sales with developers that share digital items inside their apps. As a result, Android users will be able to find more app options to choose from and also at lower prices.

However, one appeal from Google can forestall all possible changes. Wilson White, the president of government affairs and public policy at Google, stated that the tech giant is planning to challenge the verdict. He said that Google is intent on defending the Android business model and wants to remain deeply committed to users, partners, and the broader Android ecosystem.

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