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JPMCB Card Services: Why Does It Appear On Your Credit Report?

Finance BY Soumava Sep 09, 2023
JPMCB Card Services Why Does It Appear On Your Credit Report

If you already own a credit card, then you are already aware of the fact that checking your credit card report is very crucial. You never know what might happen. So, it is more like a safety measurement for you to avoid any kind of issue.  

While checking your card statement, You might have noticed a hard inquiry from JPMCB Card Services on your credit report. There can be a variety of reasons for which JPMCB might be on your credit report. if you have recently applied for a Chase Ban Credit card, this might be the major reason for its entry in your credit report.

When the lender or creditor pulls your credit report, there is a hard inquiry on the report. Hence, you are seeing JPMCB Card Services on your report.

In this article, you will learn about JPMCB Card Services and how it works. Apart from that, you will also learn about the reasons why it is on your credit report. I will also provide a sneak peek at the cards that fall under the Chase credit cards.  

What Is JPMCB Card Services?

JPMCB Card Services stands for JP Morgan Chase Bank Card Services.

According to NASDAQ.com,

JPMorgan Chase Bank, or Chase, is one of the most popular national banks. It offers checking accounts, debit cards, and savings accounts. It also issues credit cards. A Chase account cardholder might see the bank reported under several other names, which are JPMCB, JPMorgan Chase Bank, JPMCB Card, or JPMCB Card Services.

Chase is a financial institution that operates not just in the United States but also globally. It mostly offers financial products like mortgages, cards, loans, etc. Hence, if you have recently applied for a Chase credit card, you might see JPMCB Card Services on your credit report. This is because the financial institution has recently conducted a hard pull (inquiry) on your credit report to check whether you are eligible for the card or not.

Cards That Are Connected With The JPMCB Card Services

Cards That Are Connected With The JPMCB Card Services 

As a credit card holder, you have already noticed the JPMCB card services on your report. You may be seeing this because you have applied for one of the following cards.  

Usually, these cards are unsecured in kind. It is the complete opposite of what you know as secured cards. In the case of secured cards, it needs cash deposit through debit cards or upfront. 

Here are the cards where you can see the JPMCB card statement associated with it.  

1. Chase Credit Cards 

In the case of Chase credit cards, you can find a variety of them available for you. It can include Chase Freedom as well as Chase Sapphire Reserve.  

There are many cards under Chase credit cards. Each has its own kind of benefits, annual fees, and APRs for you.  

2. Airlines Reward Credit Cards

Chase also provides credit cards that offer airline rewards. So, you can achieve bonus miles along with points that you can further use for your travel costs.  

The Southwest airline reward cards, Aeroplan cards, British Airways rewards cards, and several others fall under the Chase airline cards.  

3. Hotel Rewards Credit Cards

Apart from usual credit cards and airline rewards credit cards, Chase also offers Hotel rewards credit cards. Through this card, you can collect points every time you stay at a hotel. 

Now you might be wondering, what’s the point of collecting these points?  

Well, the collected points might help you enjoy a free hotel stay in the future. Marriott Bonvoy hotel rewards cards and the world of Hyatt hotel rewards cards fall under the  Hotel rewards credit cards.  

4. Company-Specific Rewards Credit Cards

The Chase cards also provide credit cards that are only applicable to certain companies. So, it helps you to gain the benefit from the services which you frequently opt for.  

There are various kinds of company-specific cards, including Disney rewards cards, or the Instacart Mastercard, which falls under the Chase credit cards.    

5. Business Credit Cards

Ink business cards are among those Chase cards that can be used by businesses, only if they are looking for opportunities to save on the expenditure.  

JPMCB Card Services: Why Is It On Your Credit Report?

According to Juno Finance,

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank issues a number of credit cards across categories, including airlines, dining, cashback, and hotels. So, even if the card you’ve applied for doesn’t have Chase in its title, like the Chase Sapphire Reserve, it could still be a card issued by the bank. For instance, the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card, British Airways Visa Signature airline card, and Disney Rewards Visa card are just some of the cards linked.

Not just JPMCB Card Services but any bank or financial institution will perform a hard inquiry on your credit report. This is a check performed by the bank as a part of the application process. They just need to check your credit report and evaluate whether you are eligible for the report.

However, they will only check your credit if you have authorized them to do so. On the other hand, giving them authorization is important since you are in need of credit from them. The problem is that a hard inquiry on your credit report can negatively affect your credit score.

Apart from that, this inquiry stays on your credit report for as long as two years. Hence, even if you did not recently apply for credit, you can still see the presence of JPMCB Card Services on your credit report.

How Long Does The Hard Inquiry Stay On Your Credit Report?

According to Money.com,

Hard inquiries stay on your report for up to two years. However, they don’t usually affect your credit score for more than 12 months. […] If you have an inquiry on your report from JPMCB but didn’t apply for a Chase credit card, you should act quickly to get the hard inquiry removed.

When a company runs a hard inquiry on your credit report, the three credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and Transunion, will notify you regarding the issue. If there is an inquiry on your credit report without your authorization, then you can be the victim of identity theft. In that case, you should report the situation you are facing to the credit agency.

How To Remove JPMCB Card Services From Your Credit Report?

If you have applied for credit from JPMCB Card Services and you have authorized the service provider to do a hard inquiry, then you cannot do anything to remove JPMCB Card Services. All you can do here is talk to the service provider and request.

However, if you have seen a hard inquiry on your credit report without your authorization, then someone might have used your information to apply for a JPMCB Card. It can also be a situation in which the company itself is making a mistake.

Here are the steps you can take in such a situation:

1. Get A Copy Of Your Credit Report

With the help of annualcreditreport.com, you will have free access to your credit report that comes from the major credit bureaus. Save a copy of your credit report, especially if you see unfamiliar names on it.

2. Report To JPMCB Card Services

If you did not apply for a credit card in JPMCB Card Services and did not authorize them to run a hard inquiry, report the incident to the company. Furthermore, contact the credit bureaus and policy if you have been a victim of identity theft.

3. Contact A Credit Repair Company

Credit repair companies help a lot when it comes to issues with your credit report. They help in removing hard credit inquiries from your report and many more problems.

What You Should Do If You Find Jpmcb Is Incorrectly Listed On Your Credit Report?

What You Should Do If You Find Jpmcb Is Incorrectly Listed On Your Credit Report

If you find out that JPMCB is incorrectly added to your list, you can take possible actions to get it removed.  

Firstly, you can contact the company using the below phone numbers:  

JPCMB Card Services Phone Number: 1-212-270-6000 for all kinds of general information and 1-800-935-9935 for customer service 

JPCMB Card Services Address: 1111 Polaris Parkway Columbus, OH 43240 

After that, you can dispute and raise a query about the credit card report to the credit bureau for the final solution.  

Wrapping Up

Hope this article was helpful for you in getting a better idea of what is JPMCB Card Services and how to remove them from your credit report.

I believe now you will be able to understand which card statement may have the JPMCB card services. In this way, you can actually be aware of the card services beforehand.  

They are basically present on your credit report for a hard inquiry. However, due to the presence of this, your credit score might be negatively affected. Furthermore, a hard inquiry stays for up to two years.

Hence, if you see a hard inquiry without any reason, you must talk to the financial service provider and report the problem. Do you have any more suggestions to make regarding how to remove JPMCB Card Services from your credit report? Share your ideas with us in the comments section below.

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