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The Record Eater: Joey Chestnut Net Worth, Biography, Career, And Records!

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Joey Chestnut net worth

What is Joey Chestnut net worth? If this is something that you are searching for, you have reached the right place.

While a lot of people love to eat, not a lot of people will think about entering a competition where eating is all you have to do. But Joey Chestnut is someone who is known for competitive eating.

Competitive eating is not something new. It has been going on for centuries, the first proper recorded eating competition being held in the year 1878 in Toronto. But with time, the energy and the rules of these competitions have also changed. Keep reading this article till the end to learn more about Joey Chestnut and his life…

Joey Chestnut: Biography/Wiki

NameJoseph Christian Chestnut
Known AsJoey Chestnut
Date Of Birth25 November 1983
AgeThirty-nine years (39 years)
Born InFuton County, Kentucky
Current Residence Westfield, Indiana
Occupation Professional Competitive Eater
EducationEngineering and Constructive Management Degree, San Jose State University
Height6 ft. (1.83 m)
Weight229 pounds (104 kgs)
Popular ForCompetitive Eater and Record Holder

Who is Joey Chestnut And What Does He Do For A Living?

If you are someone who has heard about his name and have searched on the internet for “Joey Chestnut net worth,” you must already know about what he does for a living. But for those of you who have no idea what he does for a living, I am here to answer you.

Now the answer might be a bit too much to digest, but here I go!

To keep the answer short and simple, let me just say that Joey Chestnut makes money by eating. Well, now let me get into the details about it.

Joey Chestnut is an American competitive eater. This means that he takes part in competitions and eats, which he has to do within a given time. He rose to fame in the year 2007 when he overtook or dethroned the famous Japanese competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi at the 92nd Annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, which was held in New York.

Since then, he has taken part in the competition a number of times and has been defeated only once. He has a number of other world records under his belt when it comes to competitive eating.

Even though he has a degree in engineering and construction management, the major part of the income that he makes is from his popularity as a competitive eater.

Joey Chestnut Training

You might be thinking that eating is an easy task and you can easily become a competitive eater. But that is not the case. You might not understand when people talk about competitive eating. The food that they serve there is huge in quantity and the time limit to finish the food is very less.

So, how did Joey Chestnut become a champion in competitive eating? Well, even though Chestnut always has a big appetite, he has to train himself to become the record holder that he is now.

In order to train himself, Joey Chestnut does a lot of things. For example, he fasts and then stretches the capacity of the stomach with the help of water, milk, and other protein supplements.

This is to increase stomach elasticity, which is considered one of the key ways of training for competitive eating. However, this does not mean that you will keep eating without thinking about your health. One of the major things that need to be maintained for taking part in competitive eating is a low body fat percentage. This is because of the belt of fat theory that is considered prime for winning in competitive eating contests.

One of the things that he has said in many interviews is the fact that he mainly focuses on hot dog eating competitions. And in order to prepare for these competitions, he practices at home by eating forty hot dogs. He cooks them at home and eats them in the style of the competition.

Joey Chestnut Records

You might be wondering about the record that Joey Chestnut holds. Well, if you want a brief overview of all the world records held by the champion, you have reached the right place.

Take a look at this chart for Joey Chestnut’s world records:

CategoryYear Time limitQuantity
Chicken Wings200730 minutes182 (units)
Krystal Hamburgers20078 minutes103 (units)
Kolaches20078 minutes56 (units)
Pulled Pork Sandwiches200710 minutes45 (units)
Steak Big Texan20088 minutes 52 seconds72 (oz)
Funnel Cake200910 minutes2.7 kgs
Philly Cheesesteak201110 minutes23 (units)
Pizza Hut P’zones201110 minutes7.5 P’Zones
Salt Potatoes201110 minutes5.9 kgs
Taco Bell Tacos201110 minutes53 (units)
Corned Beef Sandwiches201210 minutes20 (units)
Tamales201212 minutes102 (units)
Apple Pie20138 minutes4.375 (units)
Brain Tacos20138 minutes54 (units)
Hard Boiled Eggs20138 minutes141 (units)
Pastrami201310 minutes25 (units)
Pork Ribs20136.24 kgs
Twinkies20136 minutes121 (units)
Deep-Fried Asparagus201410 minutes5.8 kg
Fish Tacos20145 minutes30 (units)
Gyoza201410 minutes384 (units)
Pierogi20148 minutes165 (units)
Pulled Pork Sliders201410 minutes62 (units)
Turkey (Whole)201410 minutes4.24 kg
Gumbo20158 minutes15 bowls
Boysenberry Pie20168 minutes6.6 kg
Burritos201610 minutes14.5 (units)
Gyros201610 minutes30 (units)
Meat Pies201610 minutes23 (units)
Glazed Doughnuts20178 minutes55 (units)
Tacos20178 minutes126 (units)
White Hut Cheeseburgers201710 minutes52 (units)
Hostess Donettes20186 minutes257 (units)
Ice Cream Sandwich20186 minutes25.5 (units)
Mutton Sandwich201810 minutes81 (units)
San Pedro Fish Market Shrimp20188 minutes3.2 kg
Shrimp Cocktail20188 minutes8.44 kg
Croquettes201910 minutes185 (units)
Pepperoni Rolls201910 minutes43 (units)
Canteen Sandwich201910 minutes28.5 (units)
Pizza (2ft Slices)201910 minutes6.5 (slices)
Pork Roll Sandwich201910 minutes61.5 (units)
Carnitas Tacos20198 minutes82 (units)
Poutine201910 minutes13 kgs
Grilled Cheese Sandwich201910 minutes47 (units)
Big Macs202038 minutes 15 seconds38 (units)
Red Beans And Rice20208 minutes39.5 bowls
Hot Dogs202110 minutes76 (units)
Chicken Fingers20225 minutes44 (units)
Popcorns20228 minutes24 oz

Joey Chestnut Net Worth: How Much Does Joey Chestnut Make?

How much money can a man make by eating? If this is something that you are wondering about, you will be awestruck to know about Joey Chestnut net worth. According to Major League Eating, “Joey Chestnut is the greatest eater in history.” And with all the records that he has made throughout his career as a competitive eater, he has also earned a lot of money.

The approximate net worth of Joey Chestnut is nearly 2.5 million dollars as of the year 2022. The monthly income of Joey Chestnut is around $500,000. He earns not only through his eating competitions and his career as an engineer. He also earns from his endorsements and sponsors.

In the year 2014 alone, Chestnut made almost $230,000 through his sponsorships. His victories at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest have made him more than $140,000.

His endorsements include a variety of companies. Some of the most popular ones in this list are Hostess, Pepto Bismol, Hooters, and more.

In the year 2018, Joey Chestnut started his own business line that sells condiments. His company, called Joey Chestnut Eats, sells continents like Boardwalk Coney Sauce, Chestnut’s Firecracker Mustard, Deli-Style Mustard, and other things. These are all priced at seven to eight dollars.

The list does not end here. Joey Chestnut also has a social media presence. With his Instagram account, which has more than 99K followers, and his Twitter account, which has more than 48.6K followers, he uses them to promote several brands that sponsor him. His Youtube channel, which has 273,000 subscribers, also adds to his wealth.

Wrapping It Up!

Joey Chestnut is a popular American competitive eater who is ranked to be the first in the world according to Major League Eating. He is currently thirty-nine years old and holds several world records when it comes to eating. His estimated net worth is nearly 2.5 million dollars.
In case you were in search of the information about Joey Chestnut net worth and his records, I hope that this article has been of help to you. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions regarding the same in the comment box below.

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