Investing In Gold For Beginners

Investing BY Arnab May 05, 2022
Investing In Gold

Investing in Gold seems to keep up ample value in the investment world forevermore. Somatic gold is always worth investing in, as it is a universal currency and generally trades for the same price wherever you are in the world.

Every country knows and understands gold, therefore making this a safer investment for you.

Gold provides a solid rainy day fund, meaning that you will always have the protection of gold and its universal currency if the banks hit financial uncertainty.

Value of Investment in Gold in Modern Era:

Gold has a hedge against inflation meaning that it generally performs well even when the economy is questionable.

Since the beginning of Covid-19, we have seen a rapid increase in gold investments following the trust in banks falling through.

Investors are now ensuring they have a safety net should an economic crisis arise once again.

“ Gold is one of the worthy ways to ensure preserving wealth for the future and for cursoring wealth from generation to generation. Once getting some gold bullion in a portfolio, then rest investments such as investment funds,  mining shares, and other more on-worth gold investments can be considered.” – Money week.

Nowadays, investors are allowed to own smaller premium bullion coins to mark the gold price. Both coin and bar values are determined by the gold costs at the time, which may sound obvious but it’s worth knowing.

The most popular coins for investors to hold are the Britannia or Krugerrand, particularly for the smaller investor who benefits from owning bullion coins whether this is on your person or in a safe deposit box.

There are many advantages to owning gold bullion and coins, just make sure you research the safest way to store this. Sharps Pixley offers one of the most secure facilities in London for investors.

Different Pathways of Investing in Gold:

Unlike the traditional gold investment, stockholders do not rely on purchasing jewelry only. For the past 10-15 years, investment methods have gone through highly sophisticated procedures. But as the motive is to instruct the beginner investors, this guide will not be reaching out the advanced cum complicated tactics for now.

Here’re A Few Ways Beginners Can Start Investing In Gold:

Here’re A Few Ways Beginners Can Start Investing In Gold

1. Gold ETFs

Through Gold ETF, investors are allowed to sell their respective purchased gold units on the stock exchange.

Gold Saving Schemes: 

Domestic Jewelers provides numerous schemes to investors for investing in gold in installments. In such a case, investors are allowed to deposit a certain amount per month for a specific period of time. When the tenure gets its ends, they can purchase gold from the jeweler, they had started making their investment.

2. Gold Coins

Now and then, investors have started honing on to investing in gold coins. They are highly applicable to saving ‘making charges’. Gold coins can be purchased from jewelry shops, e-commerce websites, and banks as well.

3. Digital Gold

The most trustworthy procedure of investment in the present digital era is an investment in digital gold. In this case, investors are eligible to invest with the smallest financial amount in fact. After a specific pre-determined period of time, each amount of invested gold aft by real physical gold(24k).

»Among the Above, Which One Is The Best Way of Investing in Gold For Beginners? 

As per the research and analysis, our concession will support ‘Investing in Digital Gold’ as the best way for starting investment.

Why Do I Choose Gold?

Why Do I Choose Gold

Let’s put things into perspective… If you were to invest in one single ounce of gold back in 1990, you would have spent around £200. 

This one ounce of gold would now be worth 650% more than your initial investment, preserving your wealth entirely and growing your investment in the long run. If you have opted to keep the cash, the £200 cash value would be exactly the same. 

The problem with cash when compared to gold is that your cash can actually decrease in value as a direct result of inflation. 

Gold is fantastic when looking to diversify your investment portfolio. We wouldn’t advise investing in gold bars alone, but using gold as a protection against economic risk and uncertainty.

Gold is more of a protection investment, allowing you to protect your finances when the market is particularly volatile. When this happens, you usually find your shares and stocks drop, where Gold retains its value.

Of course, another benefit as discussed previously is the financial return in the long run. If you buy your gold and hold on to it until the price changes, you will find you are selling for a profit!


We have tried to keep up with as much information as a first-time investor is needed to know about how to invest in gold and kick-start the investment journey. Hope it will help ample. Investment is time-consuming so make sure you are prepared with enough patience along with proper finance backup and goals. 

Good luck!

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