What Is Inside Sales? – A Brief Guide Of 2022

What Is Inside Sales

The term Inside sales generally means remote sales and virtual sales. Both inside and outside sales play major roles for businesses. Although these two types of sales rival each other and often compete, they immensely help a sales organization. As a sales representative, you can sell any service or product remotely from behind your office desk; an outside salesperson, on the other hand, has to go out in the field to sell any product or service.

In this article, we will answer questions like what inside sale means and the difference between inside sales and outside sales?

What Are Inside Sales?

What Are Inside Sales

Insides sales help B2B, B2C, SaaS, and various other businesses to sell remotely through phone calls, emails, or via the internet. In simple terms, it means selling remotely without going to a prospective customer. An inside sales representative sells a service or a product of their corresponding business remotely using digital channels. As a result, they do not have to meet a prospective customer face-to-face to make the sales. An inside salesman typically works from their office or home to achieve their target sales number. In some projects, the outside salespersons and the inside salesperson work together to reach their objectives. An inside sales team consists of Sales Development Representatives, Account Executives, Customer Success Managers, And Account Managers.

What Is The Job Of An Inside Sales Rep?

What Is The Job Of An Inside Sales Rep

As an inside sales representative, you may have to help the clients with the buying process, understand their problems with the purchase and help them to find the proper products and services they need.

Here are some of the tasks of an inside sales rep-

  • They answer all the problems of the prospects with their superior product knowledge.
  • They also build customer relationships with the leads and establish trust among them.
  • The sales representatives who sell remotely also try to convert leads into paying customers.
  • There is a monthly sales quota that an inside salesperson has to meet.
  • Closing the deal and reporting valuable sales data to their organization is another part of their work as inside sellers.

Inside Sales Vs Outside Sales

Inside Sales Vs Outside Sales

There are some basic differences between inside sales and outside sales; here are some of them-

  • While the job of both types of salespersons is similar, while an inside salesperson attends calls, emails, and sells via digital mediums, the outside salesperson has to travel in search of new leads and meet the prospective clients.
  • An inside salesperson is at a disadvantage in building trust. Such sellers ‘ emails and calls may often get rejected or overlooked as spam. On the other hand, an outside salesperson has to travel and meet a client, therefore building a relationship and trust stronger.
  • Inside sale does not take much physical labor since the salesperson can work from the office. But an outside sale requires the salesperson to travel; therefore, they need to labor. 
  • Outside sales associates have to go to business events and speak publicly to drive sales. On the other hand, inside sale does not need to attend such seminars or business conferences.
  • Inside selling is more time-efficient than outside selling. Outside sales reps need to go out in the market and contact the prospects, which is very time-consuming.

Benefits Of Inside Sales

Benefits Of Inside Sales

There are many benefits of having an inside sales team in a business. They can make selling more cost-effective, efficient, and profitable. Here are several of those benefits-

Inside Sales Can Leverage Technological Advantages To Increase Cost Effectiveness

Inside sellers can leverage several tools like social analytics tools, CRM systems, marketing automation, and social selling tools and make sales more effective in terms of profit and sales operation. Allocation of valuable prospects, shortening the sales cycle, and reducing pre-acquisition costs are benefits of selling from the inside. 

1. Time Efficiency

Inside selling is more time efficient since they can use several tools to complete a sale without going outdoors.

2. Revenue Predictability 

Thanks to CRM software and several other intuitive sales tools, inside selling helps to generate better ROI and predict revenue based on a lead-focused approach. In addition, marketing and inside sales are deeply integrated; they can work together to predict the expected revenue better.

3. Opportunity For Integral Roles

The skills and qualifications of the inside sales reps have a better future position in the business. Also, there are buyers of different types in different funnels of the sales procedures. Therefore, inside sales assistants can determine the roles of different sales members to help all types of customers with their buying journey. 

4. Better Collaboration

Inside sales members have better physical proximity to their managers. As a result, there is hardly any communication gap. Also, thanks to the various tools and technologies, they can collaborate better and more efficiently. 

5. More Scalable

Such teams have better scalability. 

6. Fast Adaptability

Such sales teams are very quick to adapt to a new and updated buyer demographic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some popularly asked questions about inside sales that you may need to know- 

1. Are Inside Sales Easy?

Neither inside sales nor outside sales are easy. They are tough to accomplish tasks but not impossible. As you learn the process and learn to use the tools efficiently, you can sell better using this selling method.  

 2. What Does An Inside Sales Person Do?

An inside salesperson sells products and services of a business to the customers and to businesses. They use digital channels to sell remotely and virtually. The process of such selling includes seeking clients, understating their pain points, and making excellent sales pitches for effective selling. 

3. Is Inside Sales Cold Calling?

Inside selling takes a salesperson to sell products and services over phone calls. So, yes, it is a selling process through cold calling. Most of such sellers make cold calls and sell via emails or the internet.


Inside sales processes require a salesperson to sell from behind the desk. Several selling techniques and processes that such a salesperson needs to follow to sell effectively. The current businesses use both inside and sales to generate targeted revenue for their business. 

The above article is all about the inside sales and how a seller of such kind works. We have also talked about the benefits of such a model of selling. If you have any further questions, you can ask them in the comment.

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