The database is an extremely valuable resource for your business. This is what enables you to keep track of your customer information, helps you track sales and identify the most profitable customers and so much more. All in all, for the database to help you excel, it has to be used in the right way. There are a number of things you should consider doing when it comes to database management. This post focuses mainly on the best tips you can use to achieve success when it comes to database marketing.

Keep the database in the right format

There is nothing worse than having the data you need only for you not to be able to mine that data or to waste a lot of time retrieving the data. This happens when you use different formats when creating different databases. To make it easier for you to retrieve data, you must make sure that you have used the proper format for all your databases.

During database development, it is imperative that you start by considering the type of software tools you use in your business. You should then pick a format that will be easy to transmit back and forth between the programs you use. By doing this, you will guarantee that everyone in your organization that needs to access the database will be able to do so without any problem regardless of the software or hardware they will be using.

Organize the database properly

Prioritizing your data is the key to creating an effective database. More often than not, some people just build databases for the sake of doing it. In any database development, it is imperative that you organize your data accordingly. You should remember that not all the contacts in your database have the same importance. You need to know how far along the sales process each contact is. This will help you to prioritize accordingly.

To further make it easier for you to access the data, you should consider using categories. With this option, you can sort your prospects by such things as lead source or the kind of socioeconomic bracket that they fall in.

Create the right message

Sorting the contacts is not the only thing that you should do. To make it easier for you to know what each contact is all about, you have to create the right messages. It is imperative that you tailor correspondences to each group once you have separated the contacts into relevant categories or groups. The best thing about doing this is that it will help you to identify the specific needs of every group of prospects.

Assign salespersons to the prospects that are close to buying

One of the best tips you can get in database marketing is to assign a salesperson to prospects that are close to making a purchase. You should also not ignore the prospects that are far from making a purchase. They too need to be brought closer and you will only be able to do this by assigning them a salesperson. Prospects who are about to buy will want to be in contact with a real person who will advise them accordingly. Make sure there is someone available to help with that.

The good thing about assigning a salesperson to your prospects is that you will be able to increase their chances of making a purchase and even give you an opportunity to get more hard data on lead generation. You will also be able to know which salesperson is doing the best job of closing once they get leads. To make things easier on your part, you can hire a remote database expert to help with database management.

Stay in touch

One thing you need to understand about sales is that it can take days, weeks or even months of correspondence before a prospect in your database makes up his/her mind to make a purchase. The speed at which the decision is made depends on the type of your business. You should not be discouraged if a prospect seems to take longer to make up his mind. You need to stay in touch periodically and remind them of the value that your products can bring them.

Analyze your activities

The worst mistake you can make is that of never checking to see if your strategies are working or not. There are marketers who focus solely on presenting their products to potential customers but never take the time to evaluate the success of their marketing methods. Don’t be one of such marketers. Regardless of how foolproof your strategy seems to be, it is imperative that you take the time to analyze it. You should use metrics about close rates as well as contact frequency. All this will enable you to get a clearer image of the database marketing success.

Replenish the database

Just because you have hit your target of 10,000 contacts in your database does not mean you should stop there. As a marketer, you can never have enough clients. You need to keep striving for more. Even when you are focusing on following up with your leads, you need to look for a way to add more new prospects to the database. This is the only way you will be able to sustain the full sales funnel.

Neglecting the part on replenishing your database will put your marketing campaign into jeopardy. You need to set aside time to add more names to the database whenever possible.

Collect the right information

You may have a good database but if you are not collecting the right information, your efforts will be for naught. The database should have the names, email address and phone numbers of prospects. Having other types of contact information for the prospective customers will broaden your efforts in marketing and make your work even easier when engaging prospects.

Last but not least, you must never forget about your existing customers. These are the ones that really keep your business going. Never make them feel as if you are ignoring them.


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