When you have an e-Commerce site and you’re chasing conversions, the name of the game is really about interactivity. You want your site visitors to feel like they’re getting an experience that rivals brick and mortar retailers, or maybe even exceeds in-person shopping.

If you’re an e-Commerce retailer and you’re not seeing the sales you want, it might be time to evaluate your interactivity and see where you can make some changes.

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The Search Experience

The more robust you can get with the search experience on your site, generally, the better it is for your customer. This is particularly true if you have a lot of products. For example, the FootSmart search bar is featured on a Kissmetrics blog about improving the website search experience.

First, the search bar is a different color so that it stands out from the rest of the interface, and then the results page puts each product into its own grid cell. There are great options for sorting, and everything is well-organized.

You want a detailed search experience, but also one that’s simple and user-friendly at the same time.

Let Them Try It On

Eyewear retailers like Glasses Gallery have really led the way regarding creating opportunities for their customers to try on products. For example, if you’re shopping a particular brand at Glasses Gallery like Below the Fringe, you can choose the Buy Now option, or you can choose the Try On feature.

It’s not just glasses retailers that are doing this though. A lot of home décor and furniture companies are allowing users to upload pictures of their rooms and then try out items and see how they’ll theoretically look.

Chat Features

The idea of using a  live chat feature on an e-Commerce website is one that’s growing in popularity. Consumers are used to an on-demand world where everything they want is available immediately, so why shouldn’t they have customer service and help when they’re shopping online? It’s like being able to speak to a sales representative in-store, and it’s a good way to keep customers happy and returning to your e-Commerce site.

Nordstrom is a retailer that’s done a good job of streamlining their online experience to match the satisfaction their customers derive from shopping in-store, and just one of the ways they excel is by offering not just the ability to call or email when you need help, but to set up a chat.

Personalized Shopping

When people shop, they love to feel like it’s an experience and a product that’s personalized to them. Nike does an outstanding job of this with their Bra Fit Finder on their website. Users are guided through a measuring process that provides them with a high level of detail as well as images. They then add these measurements to the bra finder including band and cup size and the consumer can move on from there to find the perfect bra for them.

Of course, this is a tiny sample of ways you can make your e-Commerce site more interactive, which is good for consumers and good for business.


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