5 Tips for Improving Commercial Building Security

Real Estate BY Sumona Jul 07, 2022
Commercial Building Security

A critical element you can’t ignore as a business owner or commercial facility manager is the security of your premises.

Since the challenges of protecting commercial facilities have been made complicated by technology and sophisticated criminals, it is essential to have a proper modern plan that can thwart most acts of crime.

Here are five tips for improving commercial building security:

  1. Embrace technology
  2.  Perform a threat analysis
  3. Improve your lighting
  4. Define your territory boundaries
  5. Regularly re-evaluate your security systems

1. Embrace technology

Modern security technology is the safest and most effective way of protecting your commercial building.

Futuristic solutions such as cloud-based commercial access control systems will help restrict access to your facility, offer active video surveillance, track user movements, and raise alerts for suspicious activities.

Building Security

Opting for this solution will make the work of your security team easier and reduce your operational costs. You will further benefit from the guaranteed 24-hour monitoring of your facility and data collected by the system that help discover weak points before it is too late.

2. Perform a threat analysis

A threat analysis is one of the best ways to evaluate your facility’s defenses against internal and external security risks.

These in-depth evaluations of the state of your security systems and weaknesses in your facility will help shed light on how best you can adopt the right solutions for your needs.

threat analysis

Security experts highly advocate for these risk assessments, especially when moving to a new facility, considering upgrading to a new security system, or being concerned about your vulnerability.

3. Improve your lighting

Upgrading your lighting is a simple yet practical way to boost security in and around your commercial facility.

Most criminals often take advantage of poorly lit areas to hide before carrying out their attacks, and by beating them at this, you will maintain a safer environment.

business security lighting

A well-lit facility can also save you from employment law issues as it improves the accessibility of all locations within your premises, limiting the risks of accidents.

4. Define your territory boundaries

Clearly defining your territory boundaries, regardless of where your facility is located, makes monitoring traffic in and out of your premises easier.

Depending on the available space, commercial territorial boundaries can be defined using chain-link fences, warning signs, or walls.

territory boundaries

You should also define your entry and exit points and establish access levels and authority to prevent intrusion plus other security risks.

5. Regularly re-evaluate your security systems

Regardless of how effective your security systems are, you need periodic re-evaluations to help you determine whether it is time to upgrade or make changes to your software and protocols.

Strategic shifts are critical for your long-term security as criminals are getting smarter by the day and can easily exploit emerging weaknesses in your security system.

security systems

By doing this, you will also be confident that your insurance company will quickly pay up in case of burglary, vandalism, or theft, as you have taken all necessary steps to protect your premises.


While keeping a commercial building secure is never a walk in the park, these tips will help you develop a suitable plan for your security procedures and solutions.


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