Modern day workplaces are any media person’s delight these days. These environments speak ill about the rising incidence of stress, depression, anxiety and poor mental health that’s affecting the lives of people – and in the most adverse of ways.

These media concerns are not restricted to urban and stress-ridden areas only. They are fast becoming an important part and parcel of all kinds of workplaces, be it in bigger towns and cities or in far -flung rural places. It is quite mystifying why most organizations and their management are failing to take the right steps in the desired direction. Given the scenario, it is very important for contemporary offices and workplaces to take all helpful steps to curb high stress levels and mental health issues in their employees. This can become possible with the help of well-strategized management decisions.

Stress Continues….

Although stress can be attributed to several work and non-work-related problems, it is a fact that more than 65 percent of stressors belong to the former category. It has now become essential for the higher-ups in the organizational hierarchy to take all proper steps to alleviate the many concerns of work related stressors. Stress is now under the preview of the Health and Safety at Work Act; so, it has now become the duty and responsibility of employers to ensure the lowest possible stress-related issues in their work places. To this end, they have to take all possible measures to reduce the impact of negative work stressors and provide relief to employees to facilitate better performance metrics in a regular manner.

It does not hurt a company’s budget to make things change for the better in terms of mental health and stress management strategies. Workshops and seminars can be organized within the premises for advocating the cause of removing all work-related stressors at the earliest. By being mentally healthy and stress-free, employees would like to head for work without resorting to undue absenteeism. This is where an experienced safety officer becomes indispensable for any organization. Along with planning and implementing different policies for alleviating stress and the negative signs of mental ill-health in employees, they actively participate in keeping the overall office environment relaxed and healthy.

Measure to take to reduce stress

There are many easy steps companies can take in order to reduce workplace stress including:

  • Defining targets clearly so that employees know what you expect them to do
  • Set up a flexible workplace
  • Do not ask your employees to push their limits always
  • Encourage employees to do a bit of exercise

Conclusion – Here we are

Now that you have decided to create one such environment for your employees, vendors and all others in your office space, it would make good sense to check out the health and safety requirements, recruitment and legislation on reliable portals like Once you are sure of the levels of safety and health that you need to incorporate, go right ahead and employ experienced safety officers who will help you move forward in your cause.

All the best.

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