Americans Have Warmed Up To The Idea Of Home Saunas

Home Saunas

There’s a cultural shift happening right now across the United States, where the concept of buying a home sauna is trending in popularity, growing rapidly due to health and wellness have become important priorities.

Ask anyone who lives in Finland, they’ll tell you that saunas are an intrinsic part of their lifestyle and traditions, far beyond simply being a place to cleanse body and mind. In fact, with more than 3.3 million saunas in a country where the population is just 5.5 million, the cultural significance is even recognized by UNESCO.

Throughout previous decades, most Americans enjoyed relaxing sauna experiences at hotels and spars or gyms and fitness centers. Now the sauna culture has begun steaming its way to our private residences. In 2023 alone, home sauna searches online rose by 43% beyond 3.15 million, and sales across the country have also hit record numbers.

Given there’s lots of mixed and even conflicting information about buying saunas online, finding a company in the USA that knows exactly what they’re talking about is the best way to start your own search.

Trust The Sauna Experts

While the continually growing trends are clear, navigating the multitude of home sauna options available online can be a daunting task. Are you looking for an indoor or outdoor sauna? How much do you know about the practicalities of different brands and designs? This is where the need for genuine sauna industry expertise comes into play. 

Thankfully, with more than 18 years of dedicated experience, the experts at The Sauna Place are here to help, confidently able to provide great advice and support for everything you need. When you’re looking to buy an indoor and outdoor sauna, they have an extensive range of options to choose from, backed by the know-how to guide you through the process of selection.

Quality prebuilt sauna brands that are popular in the USA include Heritage and Cedro making installation simple and prices affordable. For something a little more unique outdoors, Almost Heaven barrel sauna designs combine stylish looks with durable materials, with easy-to-assemble kits available.

Growing Trend For Sauna Searches

Growing Trend For Sauna Searches

Back in 2020 when the popularity of home saunas began to soar, people in the United States searched online for saunas 1.47 million times. According to search insight data via Maire, which coincidentally enough is a Finnish company studying online trends, that number had quadrupled by the end of 2023.

But what are the most popular search terms that folks in the US are using when looking for information about home sauna installations? Well, top of the charts is the “box sauna” search term, which actually rose by almost 300% in 2023. To refine that search a little better, try “Prebuilt Sauna” for the most convenient indoor options.

Next on the popularity list, through 2023 there was an impressive 76% rise in “outdoor sauna” searches. This just goes to show that when it comes to planning a stylish sauna retreat, those made with quality materials like cedar can be a stylish addition to your garden or backyard.

Basically, anything related to saunas is really steaming up the search engines right now, even when people try more specific terms. For example, there has been a huge rise in people searching for “hybrid sauna” options. Essentially, why settle for either a traditional sauna or an infrared sauna, when your ideal home sauna can combine the best of both worlds?

Why Are Sauna Sales Booming In America?

Beyond the widespread installations at public spaces and commercial enterprises, such as gyms and hotels, Americans are now prioritizing wellness and self-care additions in their own homes. According to PR Newswire market studies, this overall wellness trend is feeding the increasing demand for stress reduction and relaxation that saunas are famed for providing.

Furthermore, if we take the range of options available at The Sauna Place as a good example, home saunas have certainly evolved. When you can install your own sauna retreat with ease and convenience, even in small homes and apartments, the benefits of doing so are hard to ignore.

Aside from the obvious relaxation and self-care perspective, home saunas and other well-being features can increase property values. Just last year, Forbes highlighted that 93% of potential homebuyers consider wellness features like saunas as priorities, which also makes them a good return on investment for anyone looking to boost their chances of selling a home.

Considering how swiftly Americans have adopted and embraced this trend for home saunas, it shouldn’t be too long before they become firmly part of our wellness culture, just as it already has been for our good friends over in Finland for countless generations.

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