How Visitor Technology Is Making Safer Offices

Technology BY Sumona Feb 02, 2023
Visitor Technology

Visitor technology, including visitor management systems, has revolutionized how businesses and organizations handle the flow of visitors on their premises. With the increasing importance of security and safety in the workplace, companies have turned to advanced visitor management systems to keep their employees and guests secure.

These systems provide a range of features that enhance security and improve the overall visitor experience. From sign-in and identification verification to real-time reporting and evacuation planning, visitor technology has become essential for creating safer offices.

This article will explore how visitor management systems and other visitor technology solutions make offices safer, providing increased security and peace of mind for everyone involved.

Traditional Vs. Modern Office Spaces

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In the past, the security system for offices was more traditional and separated than interconnected with each other. The requirement of human supervision was more important, and people had to intervene and go through a tiresome process of logging into the system.

Companies use visitor technologies to limit or enable access to office spaces in various ways. Some common ways are:

  • Access Control Systems: These systems use identification methods like RFID cards, biometrics, or key fobs to grant or restrict access to specific areas within an office building.
  • Intercom Systems: These systems allow receptionists or security personnel to remotely verify the identity of a visitor and grant access through a door or gate.
  • Surveillance Cameras: These systems can be used to monitor the movements of visitors and employees within the office space, providing an extra layer of security.
  • Mobile Apps: Some visitor technologies come in the form of mobile apps that allow employees to remotely grant access to visitors, eliminating the need for a physical check-in process.

The rising cases of identity theft cost Americans more than $5.8 billion and continue to be an escalating security issue. A separate system lacks a single solution that enterprises can potentially scale up to large offices.

It is why visitor management technology is making a huge impact.

Easy-to-Track Identities

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Identifying visitors to a business or organization is a crucial aspect of ensuring the safety of employees and guests. This process was often manual in the past and relied on manual sign-in procedures and paper-based visitor logs. With the use of a modern visitor management system, this process has been transformed, allowing businesses to easily and accurately verify the identity of visitors in real-time.

They utilize advanced technologies such as ID scanning and facial recognition to quickly and accurately verify the identity of visitors. This enhances security and provides a more efficient and streamlined check-in process for visitors. Furthermore, most VMS systems provide a cloud access book which provides greater visibility.

If someone is there to meet a specific individual, they can receive a notification about the person’s ID.

Easier Emergency Exist For Guests

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies must be prepared for any eventuality, including emergencies. In a fire or other emergency, quick and orderly evacuation of the building is critical. Visitor management systems can play a crucial role in facilitating this evacuation by providing real-time tracking of visitors on the premises and facilitating effective emergency planning.

According to Value Penguin, more than 66 percent of Americans don’t feel prepared for natural disasters. The need to understand how to react in other emergencies increases in confined spaces like offices.

These systems allow businesses to quickly identify the location of visitors in the building and provide clear instructions for evacuation. This not only helps to ensure the safety of guests but also reduces the potential for confusion and chaos during an emergency.

Quick Legal Formalities For Businesses

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Visitor management technology can be a useful tool for companies to protect their intellectual property by requiring all visitors to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before accessing confidential information. It can automate the process of NDA signing and make it easier to track who has access to sensitive information. It can also provide an electronic record of the agreement, which can be helpful in a dispute.

NDAs have become a common instrument to protect the stakeholders’ vested interests and Intellectual Property. For example- for artists like filmmakers, singers, or ad studios, NDA for the Visitor is necessary to get feedback while ensuring that footage worth millions of dollars is not leaked.


Visitor technology has played a significant role in enhancing the safety and security of businesses and organizations. From identification verification and real-time tracking to emergency planning and evacuation procedures, visitor management systems have provided organizations with a comprehensive solution for managing visitors on their premises.

With the integration of advanced technologies such as ID scanning and facial recognition, visitor management systems have made the check-in process easier, more efficient, and more secure. The benefits of these systems extend beyond just security, with features designed to improve the overall visitor experience.

As technology continues to evolve, it is clear that visitor management systems will play an increasingly important role in making offices safer and more secure for everyone.


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