How to Throw An Office Party Your Employees Will Remember

Office Party

Throwing an office party can be a nerve-wracking affair

Employees often view office parties with pessimism, and at best, with ambivalence. To add to your worries in keeping expectations is the task of staying within your budget.

But if you are throwing a yearly, quarterly, or even a one-off party to celebrate the company’s successes or to commemorate some milestone in the company’s history, you know you have to throw a banger of a party that the employees will remember.

Put on your party-planning hat and follow the guidelines below so your office party ends up being a smashing success.

Top 6 Factors To Keep In Mind While Throwing an Office Party


  1. Choose the right location
  2. Formulate a party committee
  3. Gather input from your colleagues
  4. Choose a theme
  5. Activities and entertainment
  6. Food and drinks

1. Choose the right location

Office parties are always better when held at suitable venues. Make sure the venue is accessible for everyone.

Decide whether you want to throw the party in the office or at some other place specifically designed for hosting events.

right party location

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a venue for the office party is to make sure your space is neither too big nor too small. The space should be adequately sized to host the expected number of attendees.

If it’s too confined, it can prompt the attendees to seek an early exit and, if it’s too large, it can make people feel uncomfortable and discourages them from socializing.

Companies can seek out venues in their vicinity. For example, a company established in Singapore should seek an event space in Singapore rather than go for an out-of-country location where employees will be hard-pressed to attend.

2. Formulate a party committee

A successful party requires a dedicated planning committee to plan and work out the details. Assuming you can round up a few enthusiastic employees on the party planning committee, you might just pull off a stellar office party.

party committee

Let the committee work on planning activities that their colleagues will enjoy. The office food enthusiast and artist can weigh in on menu selections and invitation designs.

Enlist help from others with organizing the party. Find the ideal people to serve you on the organizing committee, so that they not only keep things interesting and fun but also plan for any untoward happenings that might occur.

Members of the party planning committee should work on giving out some company merch to bolster morale. It gives the people something to remember the company by.

3. Gather input from your colleagues

It is essential that you listen to the input from the attendees. Their input will make them feel more responsible for the party’s success and will join hands in bringing about the same outcome.

colleagues formulation

Employees can pitch in their ideas on activities, the ambiance for the party, and the services and catering they’ll look forward to at the party.

After getting their ideas, start prioritizing the ones the party planning committee agrees on. Don’t forget to keep it within budget and closely aligned with the company’s values and culture.

If the party fails to appeal to the wishes of the attendees invited, it will only be a forgettable experience at best.

4. Choose a theme

Setting the theme is an essential aspect of the party planning process because it determines the overall atmosphere, directs your planning efforts, and encourages participation. The party’s success will depend in large part on the atmosphere and theme you create.

party theme

To set the theme, you must first decide on the kind of party you want to throw. Is this going to be a lunchtime party or an after-hours get-together? What about the dress code? Will there be activities or just social interactions that will bring the diverse sets of employees to interact under one roof?

Second, start planning the activities. Narrow down the list of activities that will most likely align with your colleagues’ personalities and likes.

Even if you are constrained by the budget spent, you can still have a stellar party that’s organized around a specific theme.

5. Activities and entertainment

Have a bunch of fun activities planned for your office party. Activities that promote social interactions and joining in the fun make parties memorable.

Activities and entertainment

Host a game show or a contest to get the employees to break the ice. A little competition can be good for getting in the party spirit. Caption contests, scavenger hunts, and seasonal or company-themed trivia are all enjoyable options.

In addition, to create the party vibes, you could get a band, singer, or dance group to play at the party. Depending on the theme, you could also hire a magician or mentalist who can entertain, pleasantly shock, and get the attendees to loosen up.

6. Food and drinks

A party isn’t complete without putting out delicious food on the tables for all to partake in. No matter the time of the party, you could always have some snacks for the attendees to munch on.

party Food and drinks

The party’s beverage options can also have an effect on the overall success of the event. A bartender could serve the attendees drinks from the open bar. There should be non-alcoholic beverages available as well.

Make sure the snacks and beverages are available at all times, as you don’t want to run out of anything before the party has got going. You should also ensure that you provide quality catering.

Look into outsourcing the catering of food and drinks to a local catering business. Professional caterers can also help you with menu planning and serving, freeing up some party planning resources.


For a memorable office party, you don’t need a huge budget or the fanciest décor and ambiance.

Instead, with careful planning around the theme of the party, food and drinks served, the time of the party, and fun activities, you can make sure that the attendees will remember the party for some time to come.

Keep the above-mentioned recommendations in mind for your next party preparations. Following the advice above, you will not only ensure that everything at the party goes smoothly but that the employees leave with fond memories as well.


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