How To Start An Airport Shuttle Business?

Airport Shuttle Business

Shuttles at airports ferry passengers between the terminal and their final destinations, whether that’s a hotel, home, or their cars parked offsite. Businesspeople, families, and those traveling alone take advantage of airport shuttle services.

You can book transfers from the airport to your choice in advance. Some services, like hotel shuttles, are provided at no cost, while others need reservations and payment through a booking service, travel agent, or tour operator. Mainly there are three types of transfer services when it comes to Airport shuttle service:

  • Type#1: Private
  • Type#2: Shared
  • Type#3: Hotel Shuttles

Starting a transfer demands dedication and good organization. The Moride airport taxi from Mauritius started its business following small startup ideas and is now a very reputable company. The article below highlights how you can launch an airport shuttle service irrespective of the above mentioned categories.

What is a Shuttle Business?


Shuttle services routinely transport groups of 10 or more people, usually via bus or van. One type of shuttle service operates in the airport shuttle market. Many tourists use shuttles since they are more affordable than self-parking and taxis.

Shuttle services are of two categories: those that run on a regular schedule between predetermined stops and those that travel wherever the customers need them to go, regardless of where that may be, on the fly.

An example of a regularly scheduled shuttle service would be a shuttle that travels between a specific hotel and the various airport gates. The on-demand shuttle service is more like Uber Pool in that it can take a passenger to and from their desired location, but it may also make several stops along the route to and from that location.

What are the Costs of Starting an Airport Shuttle Business?

Initial (or startup) expenditures and ongoing (or operational) costs to consider when launching a transportation firm.

One-Time Costs

  1. Business License Expenses
  2. Vehicles
  3. Vehicle Permits
  4. Franchising Licenses

Two airport shuttle buses at the morning airfield

Recurring Costs

  1. Fuel
  2. Maintenance
  3. Storage
  4. Wages

6 Steps to Start an Airport Shuttle Business:

Airport bus parking

Step#1: Conduct Market Research

Finding out if there is a need for an airport shuttle service in your area is the first step in launching one. It’s important to calculate not only how far away the nearest airports are but also how frequently passengers utilize them.

Step#2: Learn about the Cost and Equipment

Knowing how much money to set aside for costs and equipment and what they are, is essential for running an airport shuttle service. This section will discuss some of the most important factors in your financial plan.

The costliest part of running a shuttle service will be purchasing a vehicle, typically a minibus. In addition to the driver, this vehicle can often carry anywhere from nine to sixteen passengers.

You must ensure the car is safe and dependable because it will be an integral part of your company. Here are some of the tips when choosing a vehicle:

However you decide to pay for it, your airport shuttle service vehicle must be able to meet the needs of passengers. Meaning you should consider the following:

Minibus on a parking lot in airport

Tip#1: Space for Luggage

Check that there is adequate space for carry-on, checked bags, and larger goods like strollers, musical instruments, and water sports gear.

Tip#2: Seating

Verify if there are enough seats in the car. Having a variety of set-up choices is good. In addition, business travellers who frequently travel alone may appreciate the availability of several single seats.

Tip#3: Interior Design

Families are your target market, so build a car with a tough exterior, durable upholstery, and carpet. At the same time, business people are the ideal passengers for leather upholstery and high-end fixtures.

Some other costs that you need to consider are:

  • License Fees
  • Administrative Costs
  • Marketing Material
  • Payment Options
  • Vehicle Extras
  • Insurance
  • Scheduling Software

Step#3: Learn about Regulatory and Licensing Requirements

If you want to know how to start an airport shuttle business, step one is to ensure you have the proper licenses and permits. Mini buses, whether rented or purchased, are typically stick shifts. So, you’ll need a license that allows you to drive manually.

Minibuses with nine or more seats are subject to additional licensing requirements under the legislation if driven for hire or reward.

Step#4: Get Insurance

An essential part of operating your airport shuttle service. When transporting paying customers in motor vehicles, there is a heightened risk of accidents, injuries, and property damage that you can cover by insurance. When choosing an insurance plan, it’s essential to keep in mind the following details:

  • Tip#1: Ensure the cover keeps everyone inside the car safe, including the driver and employees.
  • Tip#2: Consider whether you’ll use a single insurer for all of your vehicles, and if so, whether you’ll qualify for multi-car discounts.
  • Tip#3: You should check the costs associated with providing passenger liability insurance.
  • Tip#4: Consider employers’ liability insurance if you want to hire drivers or other employees.

Step#5: Research Pricing

Getting this part right is vital because potential clients will go elsewhere for shuttle services if your prices are too high. However, if your price is too low, you won’t be able to recoup your startup costs and may even find yourself behind the competition.

Step#6: Search for Customers

Hotels and other lodging facilities are excellent venues to identify potential consumers, but there are also many more options. Possible examples here depend on the target audience:

  • Homestay Groups
  • Office Parks
  • Conference Centers
  • Business Districts
  • Tour Companies
  • Language Schools
  • Travel Agencies

Here are a few pointers to help get you going. It is by no means an all-inclusive list; any company with a frequent requirement to transport employees or clients to and from an airport represents a potential market.

White wide-body passenger airplane and airport shuttle bus on the night apron. aircraft ground handling


Customers will not necessarily come to you, especially in the beginning, but you may make it so that they do not have to put in as much effort as you did initially. How? The presence of a distinct brand identity is crucial at this stage.

  • Customize your Vehicle
  • Choose a Name
  • Create a Logo


Once you’ve established your company’s identity, you can promote the services and transportation options you provide to the public.

  • Build your Online Presence
  • Publish leaflets
  • Hand out Business Cards
  • Loyalty Cards

They might help establish that your company offers airport shuttle services. In addition, they provide channels for highlighting your company’s unique selling proposition and, eventually, attracting new customers.

By following these steps, you can successfully start an Airport Shuttle Business. Here, we conclude our article. We hope this article was of help to you. For more information, stay tuned!


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